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Kate Wade

Kate Wade

Kate Wade is the managing editor of Utility Fleet Professional and Incident Prevention magazines. She has been employed by Utility Business Media Inc. since 2008.

PMW Groundline System

Groundline Repair System

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If a pole has ground rot, storm or vehicular damage, the newly designed and improved groundline repair system (GRS) from Precise Machine Works will restore the pole to original specifications or better. Instead of having to replace your broken pole, crews can now brace the pole in 30 minutes or less without any special equipment. This product […]
Youngstown Protectors

Primary Protectors

A new protector standard – ASTM F3258 – was recently created that allows for the use of materials other than leather if those materials meet certain safety criteria. Youngstown Glove will be launching a new line of Expertex Primary Protectors that follows this new standard. The gloves will be available in July 2023. The idea […]
Zanfel Packets

Poison Ivy Wash

Zanfel Laboratories Inc. is excited to announce that Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Wash is now available in individual-dose packets. The packets can be conveniently used anywhere with a small amount of water and are perfect for first-aid kits. Lightweight and compact, they can also easily be carried on your person or in your vehicle. Zanfel’s Poison […]
CM Labs Training Pack

Digger Derrick Simulator Training Pack

CM Labs Simulations, a leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction and ports industries, has announced the release of the Digger Derrick Simulator Training Pack. It is the only simulation-based solution for the digger derrick on the market. Additionally, it is the only solution that accurately replicates machine stability and engine behavior, resulting in […]
Hastings Cross Arm

Temporary Cross Arm

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As a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, Hastings understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product – including its Temporary Cross Arm – with safety in mind. The innovative design is excellent for changing crossarms. Manufactured from solid fiberglass, the temporary […]

Arc Flash Tower Harness

Coming soon to the JELCO family of arc flash-rated harnesses and lanyards, the Arc Flash Tower Harness will be available in a variety of connector/hardware configurations to best suit the needs of the user. This tower harness comes equipped with six D-rings: one dorsal, two on the hips, two on the seat and one on […]

Universal Fuse Cup

As a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, Hastings designs a range of tools and devices to help lineworkers do their jobs safely and efficiently, including its Universal Fuse Cups. Designed to hold 100- and 200-amp fuse barrels from any manufacturer, the universal cup simplifies fuse-barrel captures and makes installation and removal faster and […]

Fall Detection Solution

OSHA calls for the prompt rescue of employees in the event of a fall. When that prompt rescue relies only on a by-chance discovery of the worker hanging and unable to self-rescue, the new Grace WorkForce uses an advanced gyro/accelerometer to detect a worker’s fall and automatically transmits an emergency alert to co-workers or supervisors […]

Fork-Mounted Guard Arm for Telehandlers

The new Fork-Mounted Guard Arm from LineWise helps to prevent conductors from falling into right-of-way crossings. Designed to conveniently mount to the pallet forks on a telehandler, the Guard Arm provides a simple yet effective safety measure to securely catch falling lines. Featuring a 1,200-pound capacity, the LineWise Guard Arm has a 12-foot-wide span from […]

Handheld Ascender

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The Ronin TL handheld ascender is changing at-height work. It helps prevent injury caused by fatigue and increases efficiency. The ascender can even help extend an at-height worker’s career. Despite its compact size, this powerful tool was developed to manage heavy loads in harsh environments. The automatic in-feed rope system protects against detachment while providing […]