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Tool Organizer with Magnet

| Kate Wade | ,
The 4N1 tool organizer provides a lineworker with a safe spot to store their water instead of putting it in the control box, which is equivalent to having a bottle roll under the brake pedal of your car. It makes liquids accessible while working in extreme heat, helping to prevent heat-related illnesses. Features include a […]
Bigfoot Cover

Manhole Cover

Bigfoot’s manhole cover is the ultimate solution for securing, protecting and customizing openings on construction sites and beyond. Measuring a robust 36 inches by 36 inches by 0.5 inches, the Bigfoot manhole cover is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. Crafted from Bigfoot’s signature custom composite material, this cover is built to withstand the […]
Blackwood Solutions

Comprehensive Utility Project Solutions

Blackwood Solutions’ turnkey services cover every aspect of your project, from new pole hauling and inventory management yards to recycling utility poles, reels and other materials. In addition to these services, we also offer Safety Racks that seamlessly integrate into your operations, enhancing safety and efficiency for utility pole containment. With our own fleet of […]
Andax Combno Pac

Compact Spill-Control Solution

| Kate Wade | ,
The Andax Combo Pac w/ PPE is a compact, efficient spill-control solution designed for swift spill response. This vacuum-packed emergency spill kit measures only 18 inches by 18 inches by 5 inches thick. The durable, tamper-evident foil packaging guarantees response readiness when you need it most. The Andax Combo Pac w/ PPE includes color-coded labels […]

Ground Protection Products

DICA will now distribute EnviroMat and XtremeMat ground protection products, in addition to MaxiTrack, from Ground Guards USA. EnviroMat is a reliable, lightweight choice for quickly creating temporary access and vehicle roadways. No tools are needed to connect EnviroMat sections together by hand. The modular mats increase flexibility for solving a variety of site setup […]

Climber Pads

Bashlin’s newest 146 Series Comfort Flex Climber Pads have all the same features as the original 145 Series Climber Pads with some additional features. These moisture-wicking hook-and-loop climber pads feature an angled top slide that is attached directly to the climber pad for added comfort and stability. The standard metal insert has been replaced with […]
Hubbell Chance

Fall Arrest Bracket

The CHANCE Fall Arrest Bracket provides a secure device for a lineworker to attach a fall arrest lanyard while working from a platform. It meets the 5,000-pound requirement as specified by OSHA 1910.66 Appendix C personal fall arrest requirements. Its ratchet system with 48-inch nylon strap allows for quick and easy attachment to poles up […]
Guardian Harness

Tower Climbing Harness

Global height safety leader Guardian is excited to officially launch its new B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness in the U.S. and other regions following OSHA/ANSI regulations. This innovative harness represents the newest addition to Guardian’s portfolio of 360-degree height safety solutions.

Designed for tower climbers and those who work at height for extended periods, the B7-Comfort Tower […]

Powered Ascender

| Kate Wade | ,
Recent technological advancements have thrust powered ascenders into the spotlight as increasingly vital tools in the realm of work at height. These devices – designed for ascending, descending and suspended work positioning on synthetic rope systems through mechanical or electrical means – have reshaped the landscape of high-altitude work. To navigate the benefits of the […]
CM Labs Training

Training Management Solution

CM Labs Simulations, a leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction, utilities and ports industries, has launched Intellia Instructor, a software program that serves as a key component of a next-generation training management system. Intellia Instructor manages the CM Labs suite of Training Packs and Simulators to provide a comprehensive methodology for the heavy-equipment […]
Greenlee Pulling Solution

Cable Pulling Solution

| Kate Wade | ,
Greenlee, a part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, recently introduced Pull Connect, a pulling accessory with a simple, intuitive operation that wirelessly synchronizes both sides of a cable pull and allows it to be stopped from either side. This easy-to-use design allows cable-pulling operators to focus on the pull for enhanced safety and confidence on […]
TSL Self-Rescue

Evacuation and Self-Rescue Training

Companies should have a rescue plan for all their workers at height. In this one-day work-at-height training course, workers in aerial lifts/mobile elevating work platforms will learn how to evacuate and perform a true self-rescue even after a fall. The Evacuation & Self-Rescue Training course concentrates on the various usages of the SRK-15 (a CE- […]

Hooded Sun Shirt

| Kate Wade | ,
Milwaukee WORKSKIN solutions are built to fight sweat and include cold- and warm-weather garments engineered to regulate temperature. The Milwaukee WORKSKIN Hooded Sun Shirt is engineered with a custom sweat-wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from the body and dries quickly to keep users comfortable. Built to protect on the hottest days, this Sun Shirt […]

Adjustable Leveling Pad

LevelRight is DICA’s newest solution for operators of boom trucks, cranes, concrete pumps, jacking applications and other equipment with outriggers that must be operated in a level condition. LevelRight users can easily adjust the overall angle from 0-10 degrees and adjust in two planes up to 5 degrees. The 24-inch-diameter LevelRight will accept up to […]
Bigfoot Pole Stand

Utility Pole Stand

| Kate Wade | ,
Bigfoot Construction Equipment offers a new pole stand that allows for the secure and elevated placement of utility poles, making it seamless to place, pick or store the poles. The stand is made of the same custom composite material as the rest of Bigfoot’s quality outrigger pads. That material is one-seventh of the weight of […]
Bierer Meters

Voltage Detectors, Phasing Meters and More

| Kate Wade | ,
Bierer Meters is a USA family-managed manufacturer of the highest-quality voltage detectors; phasing meters; service testers; grounds testers; hi-pot tools; cable identifiers; custom temporary protective grounds; jumpers; and pole guards. Bierer’s service includes our exclusive Bierer USA Utility Support Assistance, providing no-cost field training; live-line training at our training center; tool committee visits; conference safety […]

BOLT Safety Helmets

| Kate Wade | ,
Milwaukee Tool delivers advanced slip, trip and fall protection on the job site with the new BOLT Safety Helmets with IMPACT ARMOR Liner. Designed with RHEON technology, the IMPACT ARMOR Liner delivers the best oblique impact protection, and the safety helmet is part of the BOLT system, allowing users to secure accessories simultaneously for efficiency […]
CarbonX Arc

Lightweight Protective Apparel

| Kate Wade | ,
Steelworkers, firefighters, race car drivers and many other professionals who routinely face thermal hazards in their extreme work conditions rely on CarbonX by TexTech Industries to provide ultimate protection and enhanced comfort in lightweight, flame-resistant personal protective equipment. With CarbonX Arc, utility workers can be added to this growing list. CarbonX Arc combines the brand’s […]
Hastings Arms

Temporary Dead End Arms

| Kate Wade | ,
Temporary Dead End Arms from Hastings enable line crews to spread conductors off an existing dead end arm and gain working clearance to replace and terminate new conductors. They are one of Hastings’ many world-class fiberglass products and tools for the electrical power and communications industries. The arms are constructed with 3-inch-diameter fiberglass and a […]
USI Grounds-Trainer

Underground Grounds-Trainer

| Kate Wade | ,
The Underground Grounds-Trainer combines a physical wiring environment with computer-controlled and WiFi-enabled simulation software. In addition to installing jumpers, users can connect wirelessly to the unit to create and observe real-time results of concepts and field scenarios like never before. The simulator also features interactive disconnect switches, source buttons and an included 10.2-inch iPad that […]