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CM Labs Training

Training Management Solution

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

CM Labs Simulations, a leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction, utilities and ports industries, has launched Intellia Instructor, a software program that serves as a key component of a next-generation training management system. Intellia Instructor manages the CM Labs suite of Training Packs and Simulators to provide a comprehensive methodology for the heavy-equipment marketplace. CM Labs’ virtual training system helps address key industry issues such as operator safety, sustainability, productivity and workforce management.

The shift from operator training on real equipment to incorporating simulation training has offered great benefits in regard to mitigating risks, lowering fuel costs and making the most of a training organization’s most valuable resource: its instructors. Training programs must adapt and find sustainable scalable solutions to meet the growing demand for skilled operators.

CM Labs designed Intellia Instructor to help training organizations develop and expand operator training programs while streamlining administrative functions. Intellia Instructor includes flexible training management options, including live one-to-many centralized monitoring via tablet, and meaningful assessment and reporting of trainee data. Because the data extracted from training results accurately reflects a meaningful evaluation of an operator’s skills, trainees gain autonomy through programmable self-paced learning paths. Based on patented engineering-grade authentic machine behavior, operator assessment also offers valuable insights into fuel consumption, cycle times and safe operation levels in real-world scenarios.