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New Resource for Determining Soil Bearing Capacity

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

DICA has released a new resource on its website to help users better assess and understand ultimate soil strengths and allowable ground bearing pressures. Before setting up a crane or other equipment with outriggers, it’s essential to evaluate the ground conditions to properly position the equipment and to use appropriate pads to keep the equipment upright. Knowing the strength of the ground helps planners and operators identify the pad area needed to reduce bearing pressures to levels the ground can withstand.

The resource page, found at, defines important terms like “ultimate bearing capacity” and “allowable ground bearing pressure.” It also includes a soil bearing capacity chart that outlines the ground type and density of state to determine the ultimate ground bearing capacity and the allowable ground bearing pressure.

Also included on this resource page are best practices to determine soil bearing capacity and tips for equipment-specific and lift-specific planning. Find all of DICA’s available resources under the Resources tab on the company’s website.