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TP Chippers

Battery-Electric Wood Chipper

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

The next time you see a vegetation management crew clearing trees and brush in your area, their equipment may not seem as loud as in the past. That’s because quieter battery-electric technology has been working its way into the industry, from trucks to chainsaws and even wood chippers.

In 2019, Linddana, the parent company of TP Chippers based in Denmark, was the first company in the world to launch the production of a battery-electric wood chipper.

TP model 175 ZE and TP model 215 ZE are the electric versions sourced by utility companies and right-of-way subcontractors around the globe who want enhanced fleet electrification and low-maintenance equipment. Both models are offered in a track version (remote controlled). The TP model 215 lithium-ion battery comes with a guaranteed five-year service life and a minimum of 2,500 charges. The larger TP model 280 is available with a 74-horsepower diesel engine. Contact for more information or call him at 423-430-4282.