Portable Rumble Strip

RoadQuake is a highly engineered transverse portable rumble strip that is placed perpendicular to the direction of travel with the purpose of increasing driver awareness to oncoming changes in the road, such as work zones. As drivers’ vehicles travel over the PSS rumble strips, they will hear and feel the vibrations of RoadQuake. This sensation has been proven to redirect drivers’ attention back to the roadway as they travel safely through your work zone. Requiring no use of glue or fasteners to stay in place, deployment and retrieval of RoadQuake are quick and easy. Designed to reduce...

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Flexible Rubber Stinger Cover

The Class 3, Type II Flexible Rubber Stinger Cover is the newest addition to the CHANCE Cover-Up Equipment line. This ozone-resistant product is designed and tested per ASTM D1050. Rated for a maximum use voltage of 26.5 kV phase to phase, it provides protection from accidental brush contact with energized components during line maintenance. The cover is for use on overhead lines and transformer stingers with a maximum conductor size of 1.1 inches (28 millimeters). As with all of our rubber goods, this new product is 100% visually inspected, electrically tested and date stamped. www.hubbell...

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Safety Software Solution

Even if your company ensures that all employees have the correct fall protection, how do you know each piece of equipment has been inspected, documented and is safe to use? Inspecting harnesses, SRLs and other fall protection equipment is critical to employee safety and OSHA compliance, but it can be time-consuming and easily ignored. Jelco has a solution. EZE-Trac is a complete safety software solution including RFID and QR code equipment tracking tags, job site inspections and employee training tracking. The software is app- and web-based, allowing you to use it anywhere. It offers the capability...

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Grounding Grates

SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grates from YAK MAT are lab-tested industrial grounding grates that create an adequately bonded and grounded equipotential zone, protecting teams from hazardous step potential and Grade 5 fault currents. The SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grate is a one-piece galvanized steel ground mat, positioned on the ground and then bonded together with 4/0 copper cables and two-hole lug connectors. The grates feature additional lug areas for securing grounding cables between stringing equipment and grates. This setup creates a safe equipotential zone for puller/tensioner sites and portable...

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Kenzen Rental Program

Device Rental Program

Kenzen, makers of smart PPE that monitors the heat health of workers in hot and humid conditions, has announced a new rental program for its wearable devices. The rental program is being launched to help companies of all sizes across many industries protect workers and maintain productivity during the 2021 summer working season. Kenzen sells its solution as a three-part system that includes wearable worker monitors; a worker alert app; a manager app for on-site supervisors to predict and prevent heat stress of individuals on the job; and a data analytics dashboard for corporate environmental...

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Pi Lit Flares WEB

Smart Sequential Road Flares

Pi-Lit’s mission is to get you home safely each night. More law enforcement personnel, first responders, Department of Transportation workers and utility personnel are injured on the roadside than in any other aspect of their profession. We use smart technology to design smart temporary traffic control devices that guide drivers around you. Our patented radio-linked network of LED flares are easy to use, bulletproof and come with a two-year warranty. They are safe to use with hazardous spills and can be used alone, atop a traffic cone or under a cone to light it up. The flares stow small and...

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image DICA Sling Protectors WEB

Magnetic Sling Protectors

DICA has announced a brand name change of its acquired Linton Rigging Gear line of products to “LiftGuard Magnetic Sling Protectors.” LiftGuard joined the DICA family of engineered products following the company’s acquisition of Linton Rigging Gear earlier this year. LiftGuard Sling Protectors prevent damage to slings caused by contact with abrasive edges, corners or protrusions from loads being lifted. They also keep the sling away from other significant contact points during lifting operations. Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Coil Edge Protectors have magnets installed to make the placement of...

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Terex eCommerce Platform WEB

New E-Commerce Platform

Terex Utilities has launched a new e-commerce platform to support all customers and give them the type of online shopping experience today’s buyers have come to expect. This new e-commerce platform offers one-stop shopping for tools and accessories used in the utilities industry and beyond. Many of these products had previously only been available through a traditional catalog. Hundreds of products can be ordered, from climbing equipment to traffic safety gear to Terex auger tools. New customers can self-register for an account, place orders by credit card, view order status, track shipments...

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LineWise Stabilization System WEB

Pole Stabilization System

The patent-pending Direct Embed Pole Stabilization (DEPS) system from LineWise is a new bracing system for holding concrete or steel poles in place while pouring concrete or FlowFill. This cost-effective solution offers a quick and easy setup that significantly reduces equipment and labor costs, in addition to other benefits, during the installation of direct embed poles. The DEPS system consists of two adjustable pole braces for each pole that is being stabilized. The pole braces are first chained or strapped to the base section of a pole. Then, the anchor plates are staked into the ground,...

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