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Terex TL45

Articulated Telescopic Aerial Device

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Terex Utilities, in partnership with S.D.P. Manufacturing Inc., offers the Terex-manufactured full-size TL45 articulated telescopic aerial device, which includes a jib installed by S.D.P. on their rubber tracked chassis. The chassis has a hydraulic track drive that extends from 31.1 inches wide to 55 inches, making the unit ideal for working on sensitive terrain, such as backyards or sidewalks, or for accessing tight spaces, such as alleys.

Featuring a 900-pound-capacity jib, the TL45 Tracked Carrier is a flexible option for utilities and utility contractors that need to lift materials in difficult-to-access areas. Because it is insulated (46 kV Category C), it is a unique option for rental companies to offer both homeowner and contractor customers. The bucket delivers a 47-foot working height for personnel.

Other features include full continuous rotation, unlimited work zone, and corded remote drive and outrigger controls. The TL45 on a tracked carrier is also stable when driving on side slopes up to 20 degrees.