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FR Undergarments and Base Layers

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Seraphina Safety, a leading manufacturer and advocate for innovative flame-resistant (FR) safety apparel, emphasizes the importance of non-melting bras and FR base layers in mitigating risks associated with extreme temperatures and/or thermal environments.

Seraphina Safety Apparel addresses this critical issue by offering a line of FR undergarments and base layers that combine moisture-wicking benefits and the lightweight airiness of athletic wear with superior protection against heat, fire and molten metal. This helps ensure that individuals experience the same cooling sensation while being assured of enhanced protection in the face of potential hazards.

The significance of having the right safety gear for the job cannot be overstated, and it starts with the clothing closest to the skin. By choosing FR undergarments and base layers, individuals prioritize the safety of their skin and overall well-being.