Tower Harness

Part of the V-SERIES fall protection harness line, the V-FIT Tower Harness is ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort through its exclusive racing-style buckle, athletic cut and pull-down adjustment. Specifically for tower climbing, the design features include an adjustable and removable padded saddle that can be stored when not in use for increased maneuverability. The saddle also includes two large gear rings and two color-differentiated D-rings for work positioning. Combined with the V-FIT construction waist pad, the V-FIT Tower Harness ensures ultimate comfort for long shifts at height. Each...

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Tri-Clamp for Lineworkers

The Tri-Clamp is a patented, multi-plane clamp that securely cradles bolts in accordance with NEMA spacing, then clasps itself to the mounting pad of a connecting jumper line. The resulting bolt stability creates a process efficiency that cuts connecting times by as much as 65%. A starter socket holds a nut, lock washer and washer in alignment, enabling lineworkers to safely seat all three onto their corresponding bolt in one motion, thereby eliminating dropped washers and facilitating faster, more systematic connections. This tool reduces lineworker exposure and makes an otherwise hazardous...

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Malta Restraint Lanyards WEB

Adjustable Restraint Lanyards

Malta Dynamics has released its new adjustable restraint lanyards, which offer convenience and flexibility for positioning and restraint on bucket trucks, lifts and similar applications to prevent the possibility of a fall. The new Malta Dynamics Restraint Lanyards meet OSHA 1926, OSHA 1910 and ANSI Z359.3 standards. The Malta Dynamics Restraint Lanyard easily adjusts from 4 to 6 feet. It attaches via snap hook or carabiner to the back D-ring on a full-body harness or restraint belt and offers flexibility for use in work positioning or fall restraint. The durable 1-inch polyester webbing has...

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FallTech Harness WEB

Full-Body Fall Protection Harness

Most full-body fall protection harnesses haven’t changed in decades. They’re still tight in all the wrong places, hot, sweaty and restrictive to work in. FallTech went to job sites where real people were doing hazardous work at height and we listened. What was heard time and time again was, “My leg straps leave me chafed and uncomfortable. My shoulder pads are rubbing my neck raw. I’m tired of adjusting the D-ring to keep it from sliding down. My harness makes my back hot and sweaty. The waist belt can’t handle the weight of my tools. Positioning my tool bags in the right...

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Bullard Helmet WEB

Helmet for Workers at Heights

Bullard, the inventor of the hard hat, has introduced the CEN10 Helmet designed for men and women working at heights in industries such as utilities, oil and gas, construction, telecommunications and transportation. The Bullard CEN10 is a perfect mix of modern design and traditional toughness, featuring sleek, low-profile styles in vented and non-vented models; a self-adjusting FlexGlide suspension system; an impact-resistant shell; an inner foam comfort liner; and an integrated three-point chin strap. The CEN10 meets Bullard’s highest standards for industrial toughness, reliability and comfort. Innovation...

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image Petzl Technical Partner Program WEB 1

Technical Partner Program

Petzl’s Professional Division is pleased to announce an innovative new partnership program in the U.S. and Canadian markets. The Petzl Technical Partner (PTP) Program formalizes close-working relationships with experts in vertical environments that demonstrate a thorough understanding of their industry, contribute to the development of industry best practices, and integrate Petzl products and solutions into their teaching curriculum. The PTP Program was launched in early 2020 with a vision of developing a comprehensive network of training companies to which Petzl may refer business. John Pieper,...

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PSG Horizontal Lifeline WEB

Retractable Horizontal Lifeline

Pure Safety Group has introduced the Guardian Retractable HLL for use in either fall arrest or fall restraint applications. During a fall, the Retractable HLL will deploy an extending metal energy absorber designed to reduce peak loads to anchorage structures. The new Retractable HLL also can be used as part of a fall restraint system, which prevents the worker from reaching the leading edge of a fall hazard. The main component of the HLL is a 60-foot galvanized cable horizontal lifeline, which is extremely durable yet portable and designed for temporary use. When it has been involved in a fall,...

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FallTech Technora WEB

Self-Retracting Lifeline

FallTech has introduced the 45-foot Technora Rope DuraTech SRL-R. Characteristics of Technora rope are higher temperature resistance, lower weight, lower electrical conductivity and interference properties, no corrosion, excellent cut resistance, lower stretch, superior dynamic load handling and higher strength. The 45-foot Technora Rope DuraTech SRL-R is designed for long-lasting performance in fall arrest applications where emergency rescue and retrieval also are required in a single device. It features powder-coated, durable aluminum alloy housing with built-in carrying for easy mobility....

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PSG Harness WEB

Industrial Full-Body Harness

Pure Safety Group, manufacturer of fall protection equipment used by workers at height, has introduced the new Checkmate Xplorer industrial full-body harness for fall protection to the U.S. market. The harness – designed to be more comfortable than conventional harnesses during periods of suspension and frequent loading – features visual alert stitching, an intuitive way for the user to understand the correct way to wear the harness. Its limited-slip dorsal D-ring has a precise amount of vertical adjustment built in and is designed to keep the D-ring in place after multiple loadings. Its large...

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