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Fall Protection Products Archive


FR Undergarments and Base Layers

| Kate Wade | ,
Seraphina Safety, a leading manufacturer and advocate for innovative flame-resistant (FR) safety apparel, emphasizes the importance of non-melting bras and FR base layers in mitigating risks associated with extreme temperatures and/or thermal environments. Seraphina Safety Apparel addresses this critical issue by offering a line of FR undergarments and base layers that combine moisture-wicking benefits and […]
TALOS Lightning Detector

Lightning Detector

Introducing the TALOS Lightning Detector, engineered specifically for custom OEM solutions where situational awareness is paramount. As an industry-leading innovation, TALOS employs advanced weather station technology to accurately detect cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning up to 25 miles away, providing early warnings and ample time to shelter. Recently, TALOS collaborated with Terex Utilities to integrate this […]
ProAct Safety

60 Minutes on Safety Excellence

Join Shawn Galloway, CEO of ProAct Safety, for a discussion on safety excellence. These quarterly virtual sessions with other business and safety leaders also offer networking opportunities. This forum examines the latest thinking, discoveries, newly created methodologies and models, overall strategies, better practices and lessons learned for clients on the journey to safety excellence. The […]
Brass Knuckle Glasses

Fog-Fighting Lenses

| Kate Wade | ,
Fogging lenses can strike in both indoor and outdoor working conditions. Brass Knuckle Spectrum (BKFLEX-4040N) eye protection has options to fight fog no matter where work has to get done. This powerful ANSI Z87.1+ protection weighs less than 1 ounce, and the rimless lenses are manufactured with exclusive BK-Anti-FOG protection. Spectrum pops with color, too, […]
Altec Training

Equipment Operator Training 

For nearly 20 years, Altec Sentry has helped employers train and certify Altec equipment operators on safe and proper operation. Altec Sentry is committed to your safety and believes that industry-leading equipment deserves industry-leading training. Altec Sentry offers a variety of instructor-led and online training courses for aerials, derricks and cranes. These OSHA- and ANSI-compliant […]
USI Link Sticks

Link Sticks

| Kate Wade | ,
Utility Solutions Inc., a leading provider of innovative solutions for the utility industry, proudly introduces BLUE STRIPE Link Sticks. Designed to handle the toughest tasks, BLUE STRIPE Link Sticks offer a range of configurations tailored to your needs. With load ratings from 1,500 to 4,000 pounds, these sticks are indispensable for tasks such as insulating strap hoists […]
LineWise TLL

Triple Line Lifter

The new TLL-300 Triple Line Lifter from LineWise is designed to support up to three phases during distribution work below 34.5 kV. With models available for bucket trucks, cranes and digger derricks, the economical TLL-300 significantly increases efficiency on pole change-outs and other maintenance tasks. The TLL-300 features a fiberglass mast and crossarm with three […]
De-Escalation- A TIPs & Tactics Short Course

De-escalate Conflicts in the Field

Struggling to defuse tense situations on the job? This training – led by subject matter expert Jim Willis, M.Sc., CMAS, CHS-I – equips you with the skills to safely navigate conflict, teaching you when to engage, how to de-escalate and when to walk away. Get this course via computer-based training, as a hybrid or on-site. […]
Terex TL45

Articulated Telescopic Aerial Device

Terex Utilities, in partnership with S.D.P. Manufacturing Inc., offers the Terex-manufactured full-size TL45 articulated telescopic aerial device, which includes a jib installed by S.D.P. on their rubber tracked chassis. The chassis has a hydraulic track drive that extends from 31.1 inches wide to 55 inches, making the unit ideal for working on sensitive terrain, such […]
TP Chippers

Battery-Electric Wood Chipper

| Kate Wade | ,
The next time you see a vegetation management crew clearing trees and brush in your area, their equipment may not seem as loud as in the past. That’s because quieter battery-electric technology has been working its way into the industry, from trucks to chainsaws and even wood chippers. In 2019, Linddana, the parent company of […]

Tool Organizer with Magnet

| Kate Wade | ,
The 4N1 tool organizer provides a lineworker with a safe spot to store their water instead of putting it in the control box, which is equivalent to having a bottle roll under the brake pedal of your car. It makes liquids accessible while working in extreme heat, helping to prevent heat-related illnesses. Features include a […]
Bigfoot Cover

Manhole Cover

Bigfoot’s manhole cover is the ultimate solution for securing, protecting and customizing openings on construction sites and beyond. Measuring a robust 36 inches by 36 inches by 0.5 inches, the Bigfoot manhole cover is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. Crafted from Bigfoot’s signature custom composite material, this cover is built to withstand the […]
Blackwood Solutions

Comprehensive Utility Project Solutions

Blackwood Solutions’ turnkey services cover every aspect of your project, from new pole hauling and inventory management yards to recycling utility poles, reels and other materials. In addition to these services, we also offer Safety Racks that seamlessly integrate into your operations, enhancing safety and efficiency for utility pole containment. With our own fleet of […]
Andax Combno Pac

Compact Spill-Control Solution

| Kate Wade | ,
The Andax Combo Pac w/ PPE is a compact, efficient spill-control solution designed for swift spill response. This vacuum-packed emergency spill kit measures only 18 inches by 18 inches by 5 inches thick. The durable, tamper-evident foil packaging guarantees response readiness when you need it most. The Andax Combo Pac w/ PPE includes color-coded labels […]

Ground Protection Products

DICA will now distribute EnviroMat and XtremeMat ground protection products, in addition to MaxiTrack, from Ground Guards USA. EnviroMat is a reliable, lightweight choice for quickly creating temporary access and vehicle roadways. No tools are needed to connect EnviroMat sections together by hand. The modular mats increase flexibility for solving a variety of site setup […]

Climber Pads

Bashlin’s newest 146 Series Comfort Flex Climber Pads have all the same features as the original 145 Series Climber Pads with some additional features. These moisture-wicking hook-and-loop climber pads feature an angled top slide that is attached directly to the climber pad for added comfort and stability. The standard metal insert has been replaced with […]
Hubbell Chance

Fall Arrest Bracket

The CHANCE Fall Arrest Bracket provides a secure device for a lineworker to attach a fall arrest lanyard while working from a platform. It meets the 5,000-pound requirement as specified by OSHA 1910.66 Appendix C personal fall arrest requirements. Its ratchet system with 48-inch nylon strap allows for quick and easy attachment to poles up […]
Guardian Harness

Tower Climbing Harness

Global height safety leader Guardian is excited to officially launch its new B7-Comfort Tower Climbing Harness in the U.S. and other regions following OSHA/ANSI regulations. This innovative harness represents the newest addition to Guardian’s portfolio of 360-degree height safety solutions.

Designed for tower climbers and those who work at height for extended periods, the B7-Comfort Tower […]

Powered Ascender

| Kate Wade | ,
Recent technological advancements have thrust powered ascenders into the spotlight as increasingly vital tools in the realm of work at height. These devices – designed for ascending, descending and suspended work positioning on synthetic rope systems through mechanical or electrical means – have reshaped the landscape of high-altitude work. To navigate the benefits of the […]
CM Labs Training

Training Management Solution

CM Labs Simulations, a leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction, utilities and ports industries, has launched Intellia Instructor, a software program that serves as a key component of a next-generation training management system. Intellia Instructor manages the CM Labs suite of Training Packs and Simulators to provide a comprehensive methodology for the heavy-equipment […]