T&D Powerskills Lineworker Training Program

T&D PowerSkills is a comprehensive lineworker training program that focuses on electrical lineworker principles and safety-related work practices performed in the field. Apprentices, journeymen and lineworkers in between will benefit from T&D PowerSkills training units. The program is designed to engage the trainee in real-life procedures and experiences. The program consists of 4K videos with 3D animation and vector illustrations, plus companion workbooks that support the videos but present the material in a different way. Using the videos and workbooks together engages more senses,...

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Fleet Safety Driving Course

Virtual Driver Interactive’s fleet driver training program, Advanced Driver Safety, is a simulation-based course focusing on the most common causes of crashes among fleet drivers. These include backing, hazard detection, distracted and drowsy driving, and inclement weather. This fleet-centric program offers a wide variety of drivable vehicles, such as pickups, bucket trucks and vans, allowing your drivers to train in the same vehicles they use every day. Your drivers will train in a variety of environments and weather conditions. The Advanced Driver Safety course is self-paced and fully self-contained,...

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Organizational Assessment Services

SET Solutions LLC is a safety, training and organizational assessment consulting firm specializing in electric power. The company has been in business over 20 years and has helped electric utilities and their contractors manage safety issues through development, implementation and execution of effective safety management systems. Our services consist of safety assessments, safety consulting services and electric power safety training. SET Solutions’ safety assessment services include comprehensive safety improvement, written rules, safety culture surveys and training systems. We can work with...

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Job Briefings Training Program

Job Briefings is a comprehensive training program that will make your job briefings more engaging and effective, resulting in improved operational and safety performance. Job Briefings for Crew Leaders is delivered in a computer-based format. It starts with the basics of pre- and post-job briefings and then takes the user to the next level by maximizing their effectiveness and making them more than monotonous safety and work planning tools. Topics covered include requisite knowledge and skills, purposes and requirements, and proven practices and principles. Job Briefings for Supervisors covers...

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Safety One Rooftop Training

Rooftop Fall Protection Training

Safety One’s Rooftop Fall Protection Training course is designed for employees working on residential or commercial rooftops. Working on rooftop sites presents workers with a variety of challenges, including knowing what type of fall protection is required, when it should be used and the regulations relevant to the work being performed. Safety One’s Rooftop Fall Protection Training was developed to provide answers to lineworkers performing work that requires rooftop access. Students will learn to evaluate hazards frequently found on rooftops and how to safely mitigate them. They’ll also learn...

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ProAct Safety Book Bundle

Safety Excellence Book Bundle

Do you have the tools to reach safety excellence? These four books from the global safety excellence consulting firm ProAct Safety will help guide you through your journey. Whether you’re just beginning with increasing employee engagement and affecting human performance, developing overarching site-specific or corporate culture or safety performance strategies, or preparing for the future and next industrial revolution, these resources will help you reach the best path forward. https://proactsafety.com/store/products/featured/book-bundle

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e Hazard Training

Electrical Safety Awareness for Telecom Workers

e-Hazard, a leader in electrical safety training, now offers electrical safety training for telecom workers. As the telecom industry continues to rapidly grow, workers are finding themselves near low- and high-voltage lines, which puts them at risk of shock and arc flash injuries. It is critical that they understand the hazards and receive training on how to mitigate those hazards. The new e-Hazard course, Electrical Safety Awareness for Telecom Workers, stresses the importance of safety regulations and digs into the whys behind each rule. This course covers OSHA telecom regulations and...

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CIS Training

Leadership, Rigger and Operator Training

Crane Industry Services (CIS) provides safety leadership, rigger and operator training for utility contractors and energy producers. The company offers a variety of accredited certifications and is an authorized written and practical examiner for NCCER and NCCCO.  NCCER training and certifications include mobile crane operator, tower crane operator, rigger and signalperson. NCCCO training and certifications include swing- and fixed-cab mobile crane operator and boom truck operator.  In addition, CIS works with clients to build sustainable workforce development...

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Altec Webinars WEB

Interactive Equipment Maintenance Webinars

Altec is offering interactive maintenance webinars for technicians to learn virtually about basic hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems and troubleshooting processes. The 60-minute courses are facilitated using the Microsoft Teams webinar platform, virtual learning tools, handouts and real-time instruction. Interactivity and participation are included and encouraged throughout each session. Current webinar offerings include Preventive Maintenance 1, Preventive Maintenance 2, Hydraulic Symbols, Hydraulics 1, Hydraulics 2, Hydraulics 3, Basic Electrical 1, Basic Electrical 2 and AXIS. You...

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