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CarbonX Arc

Lightweight Protective Apparel

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Steelworkers, firefighters, race car drivers and many other professionals who routinely face thermal hazards in their extreme work conditions rely on CarbonX by TexTech Industries to provide ultimate protection and enhanced comfort in lightweight, flame-resistant personal protective equipment.

With CarbonX Arc, utility workers can be added to this growing list.

CarbonX Arc combines the brand’s signature nonflammable protective properties with maximum comfort in defending against arc flash hazards. At 5 ounces, CarbonX Arc is one of the lightest-weight Hazard Risk Category 2 protective fabrics on the market. Engineered for NFPA 70E compliance, CarbonX Arc meets all the requirements of NFPA 2112 and easily exceeds the standards of ASTM F1506 with a 9.4 ATPV rating and a 10.7 TPP rating.

CarbonX Arc is constructed of a truly nonflammable, high-performance fiber blend that is optimized to protect against arc flash hazards as well as direct flame and extreme heat. It will not burn, melt or ignite, and it maintains its strength and integrity even after intense exposure. CarbonX Arc is soft to the touch, flexible and wicks away moisture.

CarbonX Arc solutions include arc flash-rated shirts, long-sleeve base-layer tops and full-length base-layer bottoms. A 6-ounce CarbonX Arc fabric is also available.