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Linehand's Choice

Underground Termination Tool

| Kate Wade | ,
The Cable Hand is an underground termination tool that attaches to a variety of transformers, junction cabinets and switchgear cabinets, holding the primary underground residential distribution cable while the line technician is working on it. The Cable Hand serves as a third hand while terminating wire, allowing lineworkers to easily reach for tools without the […]
MADI Skinning Knives

Skinning Knives

| Kate Wade | ,
MADI has four lineman-designed safety skinning knives that will keep your lineworkers working by preventing cuts and therefore reducing costs. Seven of the top 10 investor-owned utilities have approved or use MADI Safety Blade Skinning Knives. Sign up with MADI today to prevent lost-time accidents, reduce workers’ compensation costs and keep your lineworkers working safely. […]
Aircraft Dynamics


| Kate Wade | ,
Aircraft Dynamics Triplex or Service Wire RoboReels are designed for lineworkers to provide an easy and safe means to unwind and re-wind cumbersome wire and cable. These are extremely rugged, all-weather, heavy-duty reels made of steel and E-coated to ensure long life. Triplex RoboReels have four adjustable arms that allow for an easy and secure […]
Utility Solutions Rex-Clamp

Rex Clamp

| Kate Wade | ,
The Rex Clamp is designed to safely and securely control a loose tail when using a come-along or strap hoist. This clamp is suitable for conductor sizes up to 1.15 inches OD and can accept straps up to 3 inches wide. The patent-pending design features a rotating arm to positively capture the tail and strap […]
Milwaukee Tools Nov23

Utility Crimpers

| Kate Wade | ,
Milwaukee Tool has recently expanded its lineup of crimping solutions, driving productivity and efficiency for professional lineworkers. With the launch of the new M18 FORCE LOGIC Crimpers, Milwaukee is continuing its dedication to the power utility trade. The new M18 FORCE LOGIC 11T Dieless Latched Linear Utility Crimper provides professionals the easiest way to crimp utility connectors, […]

Body Rescue Hooks

| Kate Wade | ,
As a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, Hastings understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product, including its Body Rescue Hook products, with safety in mind. Body Rescue Hooks are available in a variety of configurations and lengths. The basis of […]

Full-Brim Safety Helmet

| Kate Wade | ,
In pursuit of creating the safest and most technologically advanced industrial safety helmet, North American safety helmet innovator STUDSON recently announced its new SHK-1 Full-Brim ANSI Type II Safety Helmet. The new full-brim helmet represents the first of its kind in the Type II safety helmet category. The STUDSON SHK-1 Full-Brim safety helmet is designed […]
Grace Connected Safety

Worker Safety Monitoring and Alerting System

Grace Connected Safety uses the new Grace Cloud Connect Monitoring and Alerting Engine, supporting the Grace Lone Worker System, with features including fall detection and suspension trauma prevention products. Grace Cloud Connect solves the safety monitoring problem for workers in fixed or remote locations who are working alone or at heights. Using cloud connectivity via […]

Interlocking Outrigger Pad

Bigfoot has a brand-new product feature: the interlocking outrigger pad. The interlocking outrigger pad system allows two pads to lock in place with each other, preventing shifting or sliding and providing twice as much thickness at half the weight when lifting the pads. The efficiency of this system is demonstrated in the accompanying photo, showing […]
Utility Solutions Load Break Tool

Load Break Tool

| Kate Wade | ,
Utility Solutions Inc. has announced the LOAD-RANGER FLEX-LT. The first of its kind, this tool features a patent-pending 180-degree rotating flex head. The rotating head is designed to solve a common industry issue: tool binding when approaching cutouts from certain angles. The LOAD-RANGER FLEX-LT also addresses complicated service procedures, another common pain point in the industry. It can be […]
Arc-Rated Long-Sleeve Shirt

Arc-Rated Long-Sleeve Shirt

| Kate Wade | ,
Shield against the sun while staying dry and comfortable in this arc-rated CAT 2 UPF 50+ lightweight stretch long-sleeve shirt. Wear it as a base or outer everyday layer. Features include UPF 50+ rated sun protection; ideal for spring and summer work; lightweight CAT 2 shirt; four-way stretch for freedom of movement; anti-odor Silver Plus […]

Spartaco Acquires Ronin Revolution Corp.

| Kate Wade | ,
Huskie Tools has announced that their parent company, Spartaco Companies, has acquired Ronin Revolution Corp. Ronin is a manufacturer of battery-powered ascenders and climbing accessories used predominantly in telecommunications, power utility, arboriculture and military markets. “We welcome the Ronin team and their innovative product line to the Spartaco family,” said Nick Skrobot, Spartaco CEO. “Ronin’s […]
Dump Bed Safety Device System

Dump Bed Safety Device System

BedLock Safety Products LLC is working hard to make your dump truck repair shops safer when doing routine maintenance or cylinder and hose change-outs. Our BedLock dump bed safety device system secures the raised dump box with two chains, two hooks and our exclusive double key slot retention plate. This system allows numerous ways to […]
Bierer Meters

Voltage Detection Meters

| Kate Wade | ,
Bierer & Associates has released its new app-enabled VD1000 line of voltage detection meters. This new meter enables the user to connect wirelessly to the meter and view the reading right there on their phone. It also allows the user to record their readings on the phone and gives them the ability to make annotations […]

Pad Mount Transformer Containment Bag

Andax Industries is proud to announce a new addition to the Transformer Containment Bag product line: the Pad Mount Transformer Containment Bag 095-BC (TCB-095-BC). The TCB-095-BC is a containment solution for leaking and non-leaking electric utility pad-mount transformers. It is an extremely strong, puncture-resistant containment solution for the prevention of leaks and spills during changeouts […]
Bolle Prescription Program

Prescription Safety Glasses Program

| Kate Wade | ,
Bollé Safety has introduced a new program designed to make it easier for companies to help their workers stay safe by simplifying the process of ordering high-performing prescription safety glasses. The new program, called the Excellence Prescription Program, makes it easier than ever for workers to get fitted and receive customized prescription glasses. Under this […]
Byrd Book

‘Life of a Lineman’ Book

Michael Byrd, a former power lineman, has completed his book titled “The Life of a Lineman,” a memoir that shares the experiences of a young man who served his country and transitioned into the world of electrical power-line work. Raised on a tobacco farm in rural North Carolina, Byrd decided not to attend college and […]

Work Site Safety AI Analytic

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. (AITX), a global leader in AI-driven security and productivity solutions along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices Inc. (RAD), recently announced a new analytic to their growing AI-based asset library. This new AI analytic detects the presence and non-presence of personal protective equipment. A demonstration is now available […]

Pole Protector

| Kate Wade | ,
As a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, Hastings understands the value of keeping energy infrastructure in the best condition possible and enabling lineworkers to do their jobs safely and efficiently. That’s why Hastings’ Pole Protector is an important product for electricity professionals to prevent tools from damaging poles being worked on. Hastings’ Pole […]
Cementex Tool Kits

Service Tech Pack Kits

| Kate Wade | ,
Cementex Service Tech Pack Kits feature double-insulated safety hand tools organized in cutting-edge storage and containment technology. The Service Tech Kit utilizes the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac to store and transport a carefully selected combination of top-quality insulated tools. This kit includes a pack with 56 tool pockets of varying sizes and two separate […]