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Bigfoot Pole Stand

Utility Pole Stand

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Bigfoot Construction Equipment offers a new pole stand that allows for the secure and elevated placement of utility poles, making it seamless to place, pick or store the poles. The stand is made of the same custom composite material as the rest of Bigfoot’s quality outrigger pads. That material is one-seventh of the weight of steel with comparable crush ratings, assuring the stand’s strength can handle the load being exerted by any utility pole. The stand can be made in custom dimensions depending on the size of the pole being used.

Designed to revolutionize the way crews work, this cutting-edge stand provides a secure and stable platform for resting and framing poles, ensuring a seamless transition to rigging and setting. Crafted with precision, the Bigfoot pole stand boasts a lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise on durability, giving lineworkers the confidence to tackle tasks with ease.