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Powered Ascender

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Recent technological advancements have thrust powered ascenders into the spotlight as increasingly vital tools in the realm of work at height. These devices – designed for ascending, descending and suspended work positioning on synthetic rope systems through mechanical or electrical means – have reshaped the landscape of high-altitude work.

To navigate the benefits of the world’s lightest, smallest and most powerful Ronin TL Powered Ascender, know it was designed to help prevent injury caused by fatigue and to increase efficiency. It can even help extend at-height working careers. Despite its compact size, this powerful tool manages heavy loads in harsh environments. The automatic in-feed rope system protects against detachment while providing operational capabilities not present in other ascender options.

The benefits are manifold. The Ronin TL’s variable speed can ascend a user 0.5/1.5 feet/second and has a safe working load of 400 pounds. It safely secures rope inside the device, preventing accidental detachment and allowing for safe angled ascents. The Ronin features a hot-swappable high-capacity lithium-ion battery, allowing 800 feet of ascent on a full charge.