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Ground Protection Products

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

DICA will now distribute EnviroMat and XtremeMat ground protection products, in addition to MaxiTrack, from Ground Guards USA.

EnviroMat is a reliable, lightweight choice for quickly creating temporary access and vehicle roadways. No tools are needed to connect EnviroMat sections together by hand. The modular mats increase flexibility for solving a variety of site setup needs. A unique micro-traction design reduces slick surfaces, enhances safety and provides superior turf protection to preserve the ground’s integrity under heavy loads.

On the other end of the ground protection spectrum, XtremeMat is a heavy-duty solution perfect for haul and access roads, drill pads, crane access, and to create parking lots and site compounds. These large mats (14’2″ x 7’5″) feature overlapping flange joints bolted together with special Mega-Threads, allowing installations to work together as a rigid and strong one-piece assembly. This feature allows users to combine XtremeMat together in any direction for modular site layouts.

Earlier this year, DICA announced MaxiTrax, its first Ground Guards USA product. MaxiTrack is an access mat solution that can be deployed by hand for companies that need to provide temporary access for wheeled or tracked equipment weighing up to 150 tons. In addition to roadways, MaxiTrack can be configured for tight areas and in asymmetrical shapes. For projects that cover large areas, four mats can be pre-assembled and mechanically lifted into place from lifting points to accelerate deployment.