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Hastings Arms

Temporary Dead End Arms

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Temporary Dead End Arms from Hastings enable line crews to spread conductors off an existing dead end arm and gain working clearance to replace and terminate new conductors. They are one of Hastings’ many world-class fiberglass products and tools for the electrical power and communications industries.

The arms are constructed with 3-inch-diameter fiberglass and a foam core to meet most load requirements for temporary dead ends. They can carry a load limit of 500 pounds per position or 1,000 pounds total load limit.

Each arm has two holes with 18-inch spacing to accommodate 5/8-inch-diameter hardware bolts for dead ends. Aluminum sleeves are incorporated to prevent wear on the fiberglass arm, and steel mounting brackets have multiple holes for adjustment to fit various arm sizes. Installation on the top or bottom of existing crossarms is allowed.

Two styles are available: butt swivel eye to dead end a single-phase tap line or a three-way aluminum alloy equipment mounting bracket for mounting a cutout, lighting arrester and dead-end tap line.