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Leadership Safety Coaching

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Help your leaders be more effective with a customized Leadership Safety Coaching workshop led by Shawn M. Galloway of ProAct Safety. The most important people to shape safety performance and culture are often the most undertrained and underutilized people in a company: the people leaders. Leaders are in a unique position to facilitate the creation of a culture that focuses on safety excellence. Discover exactly how to take leaders from cops to coaches who promote true continuous improvement in safety performance. The objectives of this thought-provoking, highly participative workshop are to provide leaders the skills, language and capabilities to hold others accountable for their behavior and coach for performance; learn how to conduct performance-focused observations and provide the best form of feedback to shape beliefs and future performance; identify the factors that influence workplace decisions and learn how to change them, plus influence employees and peer supervisors accordingly; communicate in a way that develops trust, solicits employee discretionary behavior and demonstrates personal caring for the safety of others; focus employees on methods to address safety concerns that are highly effective and within their power to control; and continuously improve the effectiveness of safety performance objectives and culture.