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Lineworker Training Program

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

T&D PowerSkills is a comprehensive lineworker training program that focuses on electrical lineworker principles and safety-related work practices performed in the field. From apprentices to journeymen, everyone will benefit from T&D PowerSkills training units. The program is designed to engage trainees in real-life procedures and experiences.

The program consists of videos supported by 3D animation and vector illustrations. The videos are available online through the redesigned T&D PowerSkills Learning Management System, through a company’s own LMS, via online streaming or on DVD. Videos are accompanied by workbooks that present the material in a different way. The workbooks feature OSHA regulation snapshots and a unique field performance requirements checklist for documenting skill proficiency in the field. Using the videos and workbooks together engages students with various learning styles.

Segment quizzes appear throughout each course to keep the student engaged, and final unit tests are included in the instructor’s guide for every course unit.

The 78 units are divided into groups that represent major components of lineworker career tracks. Single courses, group packs or the entire program can be purchased.