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CM Labs Training Pack

Digger Derrick Simulator Training Pack

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

CM Labs Simulations, a leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction and ports industries, has announced the release of the Digger Derrick Simulator Training Pack. It is the only simulation-based solution for the digger derrick on the market. Additionally, it is the only solution that accurately replicates machine stability and engine behavior, resulting in effective, efficient operator training. The training pack supports organizations in the utilities market, addressing key industry issues such as operator safety, sustainability and equipment maintenance.

Incorrect outrigger handling or misuse of auger and boom can result in risky operation, injury or equipment tipping. CM Labs’ Digger Derrick Training Pack offers a safe, effective and comprehensive alternative for training while mitigating the increased fuel costs and wear and tear that typically result from inexperienced handling.

The training pack’s progressive learning exercises gradually build skill and confidence and include lessons that help prepare for certification testing, such as the EICA crane exam. Trainees work on skills such as controls familiarization and auger and pole control and setting. Performance metrics tracked during training exercises include safety violations and fuel efficiency.