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Job Briefings for Crew Leaders and Supervisors

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Job Briefings is a comprehensive training program that will make your job briefings more engaging and effective, resulting in improved operational and safety performance.

Job Briefings for Crew Leaders is delivered in a computer-based format. It starts with the basics of pre- and post-job briefings and then takes the user to the next level by maximizing their effectiveness and making them more than monotonous safety and work planning tools. Topics covered include requisite knowledge and skills, purposes and requirements, and proven practices and principles.

Job Briefings for Supervisors covers the content from Job Briefings for Crew Leaders plus job briefing design, evaluation and training. This is an excellent standalone course and also serves as a train-the-trainer for Job Briefings for Crew Leaders. It includes a two-hour live webinar session.