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Leadership, Rigger and Operator Training

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CIS TrainingCrane Industry Services (CIS) provides safety leadership, rigger and operator training for utility contractors and energy producers. The company offers a variety of accredited certifications and is an authorized written and practical examiner for NCCER and NCCCO. 

NCCER training and certifications include mobile crane operator, tower crane operator, rigger and signalperson. NCCCO training and certifications include swing- and fixed-cab mobile crane operator and boom truck operator. 

In addition, CIS works with clients to build sustainable workforce development programs designed to reskill or upskill current employees or new recruits. They use tools such as CM Labs’ Vortex simulators as part of the skills assessment and training process.

CIS also works with employers to implement planning and management tools to improve safety processes and productivity. This includes crew leadership training for crane site safety managers, field safety managers and lift directors. https://centeredonsafety.com

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