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Organizational Assessment Services

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SET Solutions LLC is a safety, training and organizational assessment consulting firm specializing in electric power. The company has been in business over 20 years and has helped electric utilities and their contractors manage safety issues through development, implementation and execution of effective safety management systems. Our services consist of safety assessments, safety consulting services and electric power safety training. SET Solutions’ safety assessment services include comprehensive safety improvement, written rules, safety culture surveys and training systems. We can work with your team to assess your entire safety process or a targeted area. Our safety consulting services are provided by professionals with real-world electric power experience and include contractor safety management systems, disaster safety, incident investigation, human performance and regularly scheduled safety services. SET Solutions’ electric power safety training is offered both in person and virtually. We are a leader in all types of training development for the electric power industry, including OSHA training, root cause analysis, substation training and electric power standards. Please visit our website for a complete listing of all services provided.