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Interlocking Outrigger Pad

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Bigfoot has a brand-new product feature: the interlocking outrigger pad. The interlocking outrigger pad system allows two pads to lock in place with each other, preventing shifting or sliding and providing twice as much thickness at half the weight when lifting the pads. The efficiency of this system is demonstrated in the accompanying photo, showing two custom composite 24-inch-by-24-inch-by-2-inch outrigger pads with the interlocking feature, which serve as a custom composite 24-inch-by-24-inch-by-4-inch outrigger pad once locked together. This is a friendlier approach for one-man operations, allowing the user to easily lift and store the padding for their outrigger system while also broadcasting more weight, ensuring proper weight displacement. The interlocking pad feature can be added on pads of different sizes, allowing users from all industries to utilize this innovation.