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Critical Monitoring for Remote Sites

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Quest Controls Inc. has introduced the TELSEC CPM to address the monitoring and alarming requirements of critical infrastructure equipment and facilities that are without a network connection. This compact intuitive system provides wireless network connectivity to monitor temperature, humidity, intrusion, AC and DC power, ATS, generators, fuel level and other critical systems found in small remote locations, such as cell tower sites, microwave sites, repeater sites and equipment cabinets. 

The product provides a cellular connection northbound to a NOC (or other management station) and provides network connectivity to southbound devices using standard port forwarding.

Benefits of the TELSEC CPM include the following: the cellular modem provides remote access to sites that do not have network connectivity; incoming power monitoring with power backup allows the system to send a power failure alarm and then a power restored notification; eliminates downtime by acting as an early warning system; reduces truck rolls to remote sites; simple to install and program; real-time view of your facility and critical equipment; and a low-cost solution for remote monitoring of your critical facilities.