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Byrd Book

‘Life of a Lineman’ Book

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Michael Byrd, a former power lineman, has completed his book titled “The Life of a Lineman,” a memoir that shares the experiences of a young man who served his country and transitioned into the world of electrical power-line work.

Raised on a tobacco farm in rural North Carolina, Byrd decided not to attend college and quickly found a career that he loved. His career continued for over 50 years as a lineman, an instructor, a supervisor, and a manager of safety and training. He became a member of a brotherhood called linemen – a family.

Published by Fulton Books, Byrd’s memoir offers stories from an era gone by in the power-line industry. Through sharing his stories, Byrd hopes to inspire readers of all ages and hopefully encourage others to embark on this adventure.

The book is now available via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble.