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Electrical/Mechanical Shunts

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A unique combination of both saddle (constant electrical interface utilizing Belleville washers while mechanically maintaining conductor shape) and frustoconical (68,000 lb/in2 of penetrating force) keepers provides the most cost-efficient, performance-effective, permanent upgrade solution for extending the life of your critical conductor connections. This dual-keeper design results in tensile performance at or above 95% of the RBS (full tension) on most ACSR conductors.

The complete line of ClampStar engineered, electrical/mechanical shunts are available for the following corrective applications: splices, dead-ends, conductor strand repair and strand breakage at suspension clamps on both distribution and transmission systems, covering conductor ranges from #6 thru 2515kcmil (ACSR) and 2750 (AAC).

Classic Connectors also offers a complete line of shunts and repair units for both overhead shield wire and optical ground wire applications in both insulated and non-insulated versions.

ClampStar eliminates risk and prevents catastrophic connector failures, unplanned outages and wildfires before they happen, without costly replacement, repair or downtime, in just minutes. ClampStar is the industry’s only permanent solution for protecting overhead splices and connectors while improving the safety of the general public.