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Multi-gas Detector 

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

The Blackline G7x is the world’s most capable, customizable and connected multi-gas detector. We know your team faces an array of potential hazards every day, and your priority is to protect them while ensuring your business remains strong. The G7x backed by Telelink’s 24/7 dedicated safety monitoring team can monitor up to five gases while delivering real-time visibility of workers’ safety, including their current alert status.

Integrated cellular and satellite connectivity for two-way communication, cloud-hosted device configuration and alert management tools give you ultimate control of your team, while the devices operate just like the traditional gas monitors you’re used to. Your team can operate with confidence knowing that a dedicated safety team has their back, watching for alerts, monitoring hazards and ensuring proper check-ins. Turn on your G7x device and in minutes, your team is ready to get the job done and return home safe each day.