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Climate Tech App

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Best Mobile App Awards has awarded Kenzen’s mobile app – which alerts workers when their bodies are under stress in hot conditions – its Best New Mobile App Award.

Best Mobile App Awards judges review thousands of nominations and recognize new apps that are making big impacts. Apps are judged on usefulness, overall quality, uniqueness in the market, user interface and design.

The Kenzen app alerts workers when they need to rest, hydrate and cool their bodies to prevent heat stress and fatalities in indoor and outdoor work environments. The app also alerts supervisors when workers are in danger. On-screen alerts indicate when an intervention is needed, and a second alert indicates when workers can safely return to the job.

The Kenzen system is used by industrial companies in construction, manufacturing, firefighting, agriculture, utilities, transportation, and oil and gas. It is a software-as-a-service system that includes a wearable device worn by workers that gathers physiological data that triggers alerts when the worker’s core body temperature is too high. The continuous monitoring system keeps workers safe and helps companies proactively manage risk and productivity.