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Wireless Crew Communication System

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

The E-Pak Wireless Crew Communication System from Eartec Co. is a groundbreaking full duplex system engineered with Bluetooth headset connectivity, which allows crews to communicate completely free of wires. E-Paks are compact radios that can be clipped to clothing or tucked away in a pocket, freeing users to concentrate on the task at hand. The Lazer-Pro headset connects to the E-Pak without a cable and fits comfortably when worn with a hard hat. Crew can also pair their own mobile phone earbuds. The E-Pak utilizes an echo canceling filter to eliminate your own voice bouncing back through the headset. Echo canceling purifies E-Pak signals, removing echoes and reverberations that can cause communications to become interrupted or even unintelligible.