Hastings Ground Mat WEB

Protective Ground Mat

As a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, Hastings understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product, including our protective Ground Mat, with safety in mind. Hastings’ portable protective Ground Mat provides a method for workers to establish an equal potential zone for multiple grounding applications. The Ground Mat is manufactured of vinyl polyester fabric with high ampacity and tinned-copper braid sewn into a grid pattern. The braided copper on the grid connects to a 6-inch termination stud on...

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Utility Solutions URD Cap Holder WEB

URD Cap Stand

Utility Solutions Inc. has launched the industry’s first underground insulated cap holder. The patent-pending URD Cap Stand attaches to the lip of underground padmount transformers and switchgear to securely hold insulated caps. Insulated caps are designed to protect bushings on underground padmount transformers. They have a grease-covered probe on the inside and need to stay clean and dry. The URD Cap Stand allows a worker to use a shotgun stick to store insulated caps on the front lip of pad gear. The machined stand is made from a high-visibility yellow polymer that cradles the lip of pad...

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Allegro Cleaning Kit WEB

Respirator Cleaning Kit

Allegro Industries has introduced their new Allegro Economy Respirator Cleaning Kit with a convenient cleaning and storage solution for full-mask and half-mask respirators. Not only is this a low-cost solution, but the kit also meets OSHA recommendations (29 CFR 1910.134 Appendix B) that will not deteriorate rubber components on respirators. The Allegro Economy Respirator Cleaning Kit includes a water-soluble liquid detergent that comes in a 32-ounce, ready-to-use, convenient and resealable bottle with sprayer, two scrubbing sponges, and 100 individual sterile storage bags and seals. Allegro...

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Utility Solutions Jumper Cuff WEB

Temporary Mechanical Jumper Holder

Utility Solutions Inc. has unveiled a new hot-line tool, the Jumper Cuff – Temporary Jumper Holder. The patent-pending Jumper Cuff is a temporary mechanical jumper holder for overhead conductors. It reduces the risk of uncontrolled jumpers and keeps lineworkers outside the minimum approach distance. The Jumper Cuff is an addition to several temporary mechanical holders already in USI’s catalog. Each is made from a heavy-duty polymer specifically designed for rugged outdoor applications. The unique design of the Jumper Cuff includes opposing hooks, which are flared at the end to allow the holder...

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Andax Containment Pallet WEB

Transformer Containment Pallet

Andax Industries is pleased to announce the introduction of the Transformer Containment Pallet (TCP), a UN DOT 51H packaging and shipping solution for Packing Group III solid hazardous waste materials. This patented product is designed with an integrated pallet bonded to a flexible, liquid-tight containment system. This DOT- and OSHA-compliant packaging solution is approved for use with inner containers or articles, such as electric utility transformers. Additionally, its Packing Group III rating helps you comply with EPA rules when transporting or storing PCB-contaminated transformers or articles....

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Greenlee Rope Tester WEB

Rope Tester

Greenlee, part of Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, released its new HDE RT-10 rope tester, offering crews a portable and easy way to test a rope’s dielectric strength in the field. The RT-10 rope tester is designed to test any length of rope before use, providing clear visual and audible indications of contaminated sections. The tester is powered by two field-replaceable 9-volt batteries and comes equipped with heavy-duty aluminium clamps, a magnetic mount for quick setup on equipment, and a loud buzzer and bright LED lights to indicate a rope’s condition. Learn More About Greenlee

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ReelLift Management System WEB1

Reel Management System

Industry-leading utility hydraulics manufacturer HydraBed has introduced a new version of its popular Reel Lift lifting unit, the ReelLift Reel Management System, a full-capability solution that performs all the major functions of reel and cable handling. Enabling utility workers and contractors to reduce their reel and cable handling time by up to 50%, the new ReelLift system combines the functions of reel pickup and transport with semi-autonomous hydraulic cable payout, retrieval and figure-eight deployment in one compact, truck-bed-based package. Featuring an industry-best 5,000-pound reel...

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AEMC Air Quality Logger WEB

Air Quality Logger

AEMC Instruments’ Model 1510 tests indoor air quality. With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, this is an important time to monitor air quality in closed rooms through a CO2 measurement. The buildup of CO2 is an indicator of poor air circulation allowing aerosol concentrations, such as COVID-19, to remain in the room. The Model 1510 portable indoor air quality logger is easy to use and can store over 1 million measurements. It can indicate air quality by monitoring CO2, humidity and temperature. This meter’s display backlighting changes from blue to red with an audible warning when high concentrations...

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Blisma Gel WEB

Anti-Fog Gel for Eyewear

Blisma has released StopFog into the U.S. market, and it could not come at a better time. StopFog is an anti-fog gel in a tube that comes with a built-in applicator brush and supplied microfiber cloth. This easy-to-apply product is simply dabbed on and buffed off, providing 24-hour clarity on any fogged-up eyewear. Are you having problems with your eyewear fogging up during the pandemic? Keep wearing your mask, apply some StopFog and see clearly once again with the latest technology in premium anti-fog protection. Learn More About Blisma

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