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Barry Chance Rope Tools

Insulating Rope Tools

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Common rope can be a hazard in live-line maintenance. While a brand-new rope with no previous use may have some dielectric properties, moisture, dust, dirt and other contaminants start compromising the rope as soon as it begins to be used in the field. This is concerning because traditional rope cannot be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and tested between uses.

Internal damage, contaminants and moisture can cause flashovers, resulting in a catastrophic failure of the rope as well as electrical tracking, giving the system voltage a deadly path to ground.

Barry D.E.W. Line Insulating Rope Tools provide solutions for all these issues.

Because all Barry D.E.W. Line products are fixed-length tools with full-length jackets and sealed terminations, moisture cannot penetrate the tools, and the surfaces can be wiped dry.

Contaminants are easily detectable and cleaned away with standard hot-stick cleaning wipes. All Barry D.E.W. Line tools are also Category 4 arc flash rated, resistant to 40 cal/cm2, providing excellent resistance to flashover heat. With insulating properties that meet or exceed ASTM F1701 and IEC 62192, these tools can be tested for dielectric effectiveness in the field.