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App-Based Tool for 3D Rigging Plans

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

A1A Software LLC, developer of 3D Lift Plan, has released a new application-based tool for anyone who needs to create rigging plans. The stand-alone application, available in the A1A Product Suite, provides detailed documentation for pre-lift planning, while also being easy to use on the go for planning in the field.

Rigging Designer is pre-loaded with options for 3D equipment, such as mobile cranes, excavators, forklifts, overhead cranes and gantries. A library of more than 1,300 3D objects includes common loads lifted in construction and industrial applications and common buildings. Users can also create their own object to be lifted by entering the dimensions.

To create a rigging plan, simply input the center of gravity, pick points, hitch type, sling type and lengths, and other gear, such as lifting beams, spreader frames, snatch blocks and swivels. Rigging Designer will calculate sling angles and dimensions of rigging gear.