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Aircraft Dynamics


 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Aircraft Dynamics Triplex or Service Wire RoboReels are designed for lineworkers to provide an easy and safe means to unwind and re-wind cumbersome wire and cable. These are extremely rugged, all-weather, heavy-duty reels made of steel and E-coated to ensure long life.

Triplex RoboReels have four adjustable arms that allow for an easy and secure means of loading, unwinding and re-winding various coil diameters. The Triplex RoboReel’s four adjustable arms can accommodate coils with outside diameters from 26 to 32 inches; inside diameters from 14 to 20 inches; and widths up to 10 1/4 inches. When the coil is installed on the stand, the adjustable arms quickly and securely clamp the coil in place. Wire or cable is then easily pulled or re-wound through the smooth center guide that can be mounted in either direction.

The RoboReel comes with an integral hub-mounted braking system to prevent backlash or unwanted coil unwinding. Brake tension is easily changed via an elastic stop nut located inside the hub. Reels can be mounted on the floor, on a sidewall or in the RoboReel quick-change base plate accessory.