Heavy-Duty Tel-O-Pole II

Hastings Hot Line Tools and Equipment understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product, including our Tel-O-Pole II, with safety in mind. The unique triangular and no-twist design of Hastings’ heavy-duty Tel-O-Pole II enables each section to lock in automatically. With no need to look for the button, lineworkers can open and close disconnect switches, replace fuses on transformers and prune trees with peace of mind. The pole’s ergonomic design allows the lineworker a better grip and better control. Sections can be...

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Super “U” Arm Extensions

Hastings, a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product – including our Super “U” Arm Extensions – with safety in mind. The Super “U” Arm is designed with a profile “U” shape for greater strength and durability. The many features and benefits of the Super “U” Arm make it the best and most cost-effective extension arm available, according to Hastings. All arms include insulated conductor holders to ensure dielectric integrity. Arms are rated for...

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Andax Spill Kit WEB

Spill Kit

Andax Industries has announced the introduction of the Big Containment Pac, a spill kit that can contain spills up to 110 gallons and fits in an 18-inch-by-15-inch-by-5-inch vacuum-sealed package that can easily be stowed behind truck seats or in other tight spaces. The Pac includes everything needed to respond to a spill up to 110 gallons, including three 48-inch oil-selective Sorb Sox (mini-booms); 20 15-inch-by-19-inch oil-selective absorbent pads; a disposal bag and tie; protective gloves; and a 60-inch-by-10-inch-high pop-up containment pool with a carrying case and CO2 cylinder. In the...

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Hastings Shotgun Sticks WEB

Shotgun Sticks

Hastings, a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why Hastings designs every product – including its Telescopic Shotgun Sticks – with safety in mind. Hastings’ Shotgun Sticks can collapse for storage and then extend to the length needed. These sticks secure with sure-lock buttons at each joint. Several models and lengths are available. With a passionate commitment to innovation, Hastings’ products make the job safer and easier. Shotgun Sticks can be found on page 118 of the...

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Koehler Razor WEB

Ergonomically Designed Flashlight

KOEHLER BRIGHTSTAR LLC has announced a new ergonomically designed flashlight, the Razor FSL. It offers a dual beam that helps to prevent slips, trips and falls, and a Class I, Division 1 safety approval. The Razor FSL’s forward light has a high mode of 325 lumens, carries a seven-hour runtime and projects 236 meters. On the low mode, it has 125 lumens, carries a runtime of 24 hours, and the beam reaches 167 meters. The downlight for the Razor FSL operates either in combination with the forward light or separately. When operated independently, the downlight carries 150 lumens, runs for 20 hours,...

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Linehands Choice Cable Hand Tool WEB

Innovative Lineworker Tools

Linehand’s Choice is a company founded by a group of linemen who saw a growing need to implement innovation in the primary underground industry. With the increasing amount of underground being installed on a day-to-day basis and the added strain on lineworkers’ bodies, two innovative tool ideas evolved. These tools address three essential components in terminating underground primary cable: safety, ergonomics and efficiency.  The first tool is called the Cable Hand Tool, which works on primary cable from #2-1000 mcm in any area needed to terminate cable. The second tool...

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TradeUp Program WEB

Workforce Development Services

Okos Partners LLC and Crane Industry Services LLC have announced the launch of TradeUp, a collaborative partnership program providing workforce development services for employers seeking skilled craft professionals. Employers who participate in the TradeUp program first receive an assessment of their skilled labor requirements to see how that aligns with growth goals and the company culture. TradeUp then assists with recruiting and placement, career development, and safety culture and leadership training for employers in construction, utilities, manufacturing, and ports and terminal logistics...

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Kenzen Data Dashboard WEB

Data and Analytics Dashboard

Kenzen has launched a data and analytics dashboard, the latest component of its smart PPE connected worker solution. The dashboard captures workers’ core body temperature (the greatest predictor of heat stress and illness), productivity and microclimates caused by clothing under hot and humid working conditions. Environmental health and safety managers and company leaders can now have a data-driven overview of work sites, both in real time and retrospectively, to evaluate heat risk information by location and job role. The analysis consists of tens of thousands of data points collected per worker...

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LineWise Line Lifter WEB

Triple Line Lifter for Subtransmission Applications

LineWise has introduced its TLL-500A Series 3 Triple Line Lifter for subtransmission applications. Designed to support three phases of energized conductors between 34.5 kV and 72.5 kV, the product features all-new hydraulic articulation, allowing operators to easily rotate phases up to 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical orientation while servicing subtransmission lines. It also includes hydraulic cylinders to extend and retract the outer phases. The TLL-500A Series 3 has been specifically designed to work with large digger derrick trucks, such as those provided by Terex, Elliott and Altec....

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