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Full-Brimmed Hard Hats

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

WaveCel, the award-winning helmet technology that first appeared in the sports industry, has launched its new line of Type II+, full-brimmed hard hats: the WaveCel T2+ MAX ($189) vented hard hat for all-day wear and the WaveCel T2+ PRO ($169) non-vented hard hat for electrical jobs.

In over 50 years, WaveCel LLC is the first company to significantly redesign the standard hard hat by not only accounting for style and comfort, but by lining the entire hard hat shell, crown and sides with its collapsible WaveCel spatial cellular structure to provide 360 degrees of protection and better absorb energy from a head impact from all angles. Backed by science and rigorous testing, the WaveCel hard hat is designed for various industries, including construction, electrical, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, mining, gas, oil and forestry.