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PLATINUM Lens Technology

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

When you work in challenging environments, you constantly strive to be at your best, no matter what high-stakes job you perform. You need confidence that your choice of eyewear delivers the highest level of performance, focus and concentration. Fortunately, PLATINUM technology can repel anything nature throws at you without interrupting your work, even if you wear prescription lenses.

Bollé Safety’s PLATINUM technology repels elements from blurring your vision for optimal acuity in all situations. Our exclusive coating technology is available on both prescription and non-corrective lenses, allowing you to focus on your own performance in order to outperform the task ahead.

Key features: 100 times more effective than the highest fog standard; efficient after over 100 wash cycles; repels the elements for optimal visual clarity; and available in prescription and non-corrective lenses.