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FallTech Harness WEB

Full-Body Fall Protection Harness

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

FallTech Harness WEBMost full-body fall protection harnesses haven’t changed in decades. They’re still tight in all the wrong places, hot, sweaty and restrictive to work in. FallTech went to job sites where real people were doing hazardous work at height and we listened. What was heard time and time again was, “My leg straps leave me chafed and uncomfortable. My shoulder pads are rubbing my neck raw. I’m tired of adjusting the D-ring to keep it from sliding down. My harness makes my back hot and sweaty. The waist belt can’t handle the weight of my tools. Positioning my tool bags in the right spot is a real hassle.”

This is why FallTech designed the patent-pending FT-One: to be light in weight, infinitely adjustable and comfortably annoyance-free. We believe that being safe doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Discomfort can slow you down, making you less productive. But flexibility, freedom of movement and ease of use can keep you going full speed ahead. Don’t let the shortcomings of conventional harnesses hamper you. See how the future of fall protection can change the way you work.

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