Women’s FR CAT 2 Coverall

This CAT 2 AR/FR coverall, designed by women for women, offers comfort, workplace utility and reliable protection from FR hazards, including flash fire and electric arc flash injuries. The coverall meets or exceeds NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112 and ASTM F1506 for arc thermal performance. The Neese VU7LCA FR coverall is crafted from made-in-the-USA Westex 7-ounce UltraSoft fabric that moves easily and effortlessly. Other features include a leaf collar, seven double-stitched pockets, an elastic waist, an FR zipper front closure and non-sparking covered snaps. www.radians.com

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Centurion Helmet WEB

Industrial Safety Helmet

MPS Inc. has introduced Centurion’s Nexus Extreme Mips helmet, the world’s first industrial safety helmet utilizing the Mips Cradle (multidirectional impact protection system). The Nexus Extreme Mips helmet takes head protection to the next level, exceeding standards by matching a strong, lightweight ABS shell and mountaineering chinstrap to a suspension featuring the Mips low-friction layer, allowing up to 15mm of rotational movement inside the helmet shell on impact. Studies show that in helmets without Mips, the brain moves inside the skull when impacted, leading to potentially severe injury...

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Cementex Hoods WEB

Lift-Front Hoods for Arc Flash PPE

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, recently announced the release of a new lift-front hood in their Ultralight Series of Arc Flash PPE. The lift-front hoods provide a larger viewing area through the updated clear gray color shield, and they remain compatible with Cementex’s innovative hood ventilation system, which helps to reduce the risk of dehydration, especially in hot weather conditions. The new lift-front face shield of this hood provides a larger viewing area through which users can see the energized equipment. By enhancing the viewing area, the new lift-front hood design helps to...

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Brass Knuckle Spectrum WEB

Safety Eyewear with Anti-Fog Protection

We know that fogging lenses and an overall lack of comfort are the two main reasons why workers remove their eye protection. Brass Knuckle Spectrum (BKFLEX-4040N) helps solve those problems by bringing together flexible comfort and peak anti-fog protection for safety eyewear they’ll never want to take off. Spectrum offers N-FOG anti-fog lens protection, which permanently bonds to the lens and will not wear off or wash off. The anti-fog protection exceeds European EN 166/168, lasting 15 times longer. For comfort, Spectrum features bowed, super-flex rubber temples that ratchet for custom fit....

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Silver Needle Gas Extraction System WEB

Gas Extraction System

Silver Needle Inc. currently has the only NFPA 2112 SEI Certified complete Gas Extraction System (GES) in the industry that features our patented Internal Extraction Harness and optional Kevlar retrieval lanyard. Our DuPont Nomex quilted GES greatly exceeds the current NFPA 2112 standard. Silver Needle has been testing different fabrics for over 15 years to find the best fabric combinations for comfort and the greatest results. Repeated controlled laboratory testing of 10 seconds with our latest quilted fabric had a predicted burn injury of 0% third-degree burn and a 4% second-degree burn. The...

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Westex Mobile App WEB

FR/AR Product Selection App

Westex: A Milliken Brand recently announced the launch of a new product selection app, the Westex App, developed to provide users a way to custom build an FR/AR uniform based on their workforce’s individual safety standard requirements. The free mobile app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.  Innovative features on the Westex App include product selection by safety standard; a global perspective, with more than 15 global safety standards included in the app; and an interactive uniform builder. The free mobile app is available to download now in the Apple App Store or via...

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Ironclad Flash Fire Glove WEB

Heavy-Duty FR Glove

Ironclad recently announced the release of the first glove in the world to pass NFPA 2112:2018 certification for flash fire protection. Designed in partnership with DuPont Personal Protective Equipment, the Heatworx Heavy Duty FR is an extremely advanced glove, featuring a molded silicone rubber palm and a shell made with 100% DuPont Kevlar. Designed for maximum dexterity plus the ability to handle hot items up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315 degrees Celsius), the Heatworx Heavy Duty FR delivers complete heat and flame protection in one glove. This glove was developed in response to a desperate...

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National Safety Apparel Gaiter WEB

FR Neck Gaiter

National Safety Apparel’s TECGEN FR CAT 2 Neck Gaiter meets cold weather head-on. Designed with lightweight, breathable fabric, the gaiter features a four-way stretch for added comfort and flexibility and can be modified from a neck gaiter to a headband, face mask, hood, beanie and more to adapt to the weather throughout the workday. Whether it’s harsh sun, biting wind or bitter cold, this gaiter offers the protection you need. In addition, National Safety Apparel’s made-in-the-USA FR fabric will not melt, drip or ignite, ensuring your safety in the face of any hazard. Learn More About...

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PIP Rubber Insulating Gloves WEB

Novax Rubber Insulating Gloves

PIP’s NOVAX electrical safety products are an industry-leading brand that is trusted by some of the world’s largest utility and electrical contractors. NOVAX rubber insulating gloves are manufactured using an environmentally friendly aqueous dip process, which results in much softer and more flexible gloves that allow for greater dexterity and reduced hand fatigue for users. The gloves also are dielectrically tested for their insulating performance. Production batches are subject to ISO sampling for a variety of tests, which include physical and further electrical testing. A second round of...

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