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Mobile Access Kit

Atlas Devices technologies enable professionals in specialized, high-risk occupations to work higher, faster and safer. With over a decade of innovation in military systems helping warfighters reach previously unobtainable heights, Atlas is now focusing on the utility industry to help lineworkers complete jobs faster, meet OSHA compliance, and increase rescue capability while reducing significant cost and risk.

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Slide Pad

The Slide Pad – a new item from Bigfoot Construction Equipment – is built for rear-lot carts, backyard machines and small manlifts. The back stop bar is removable; you then place the outrigger pad on the machine’s boot/float/shoe and reinstall the back stop bar. This allows the outrigger pad to stay on the equipment for multiple setups at one job location. This is not intended for road transportation.

Bigfoot Construction Equipment

Cable-Pulling Tools for Lineworkers

Klein Tools has introduced two new tools designed specifically with lineworkers in mind: the Howe Wire Tool with Handle and the Parallel Jaw Grip. The Howe Wire Tool provides an easier grip when pulling cable, while the Parallel Jaw Grip offers a lighter-weight option for Klein’s innovative, high-traction solution for HDPE-coated cable. These two new U.S.-made products are designed to provide professional lineworkers with more convenient and reliable pulling power.

The Howe Wire Tool with Handle (Cat. No. 1702-20HH) is a versatile tool that quickly sags service connections. Other features include an added handle that provides an easier grip during pulling; a double-locking snap hook that makes switching between grips convenient; a forged-steel swivel hook that can reach under insulators with a large opening and long shank; safely pulls loads up to 500 pounds; strap that is built to last with tough nylon webbing; and galvanized metal parts that increase durability.

The Parallel Jaw Grip (Cat. No. 1716-70) securely pulls HDPE-coated cable, commonly known as tree wire. Other features include an innovative, high-traction surface that grips cable without damaging the outer jacket; pulls cable diameters 0.625” to 1.362”; spring-loaded for convenient one-handed operation and easy placement on conductors; tough carbide grit technology that withstands harsh job site conditions; and wider cable diameter range and 3 pounds lighter than alternate model (Cat. No. 1716-60).

Klein Tools

Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device

The Bashlin Patriot Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device is the newest and most innovative device of its kind currently on the market. Recently an independent ergonomic comparison test was performed with similar devices by a certified ergonomist with a comprehensive background in utility ergonomics. This side-by-side testing showed the Patriot offers significant ergonomic benefits. The Patriot is lighter than other fall-restricting devices and reduces the overall muscle effort of the user while climbing. The fixed handles minimize wrist deviation and encourage a more neutral wrist position. The outer rope and the rollers on the inner rope reduce surface area on the pole and lessen pole drag when climbing and descending poles both new and old. The Bashlin Patriot’s lightweight, ergonomic design reduces stress on the upper body by allowing classically proper climbing techniques; proper spacing from the pole, knees out and hips back resulted in the Bashlin Patriot being validated as ergonomist approved. The device can be configured for left- or right-handed users and is available for both distribution and transmission applications.

Bashlin Industries

Arc Flash PPE Task Wear

Cementex, a national leader in the manufacture of electrical safety solutions, has released the updated UltraLite Series of Arc Flash PPE Task Wear, designed to combine comfort with complete safety. Available in both 11- and 12-cal/cm2 and 40 cal/cm2, the UltraLite Series is ideal for a wide range of uses.

Developed after years of firsthand market research, the UltraLite Series garments are designed for use by qualified persons trained in proper arc flash safety in any situation where the risk of exposure to an arc flash is present. The updated line of garments now features a standard color gray, which reflects sunlight for heat reduction in outdoor applications. Additionally, the gray garments allow for easier identification of contamination, as well as any dirt or debris that may compromise the safety of the garment.

The 11- and 12-cal/cm2 UltraLite garments include a balaclava-hooded long-sleeved T-shirt and simple high-waisted pants, made to fit comfortably over daily-wear clothing. With kits available that include gloves, a helmet and face shield, and a basic tool kit, UltraLite Task Wear ensures that technicians are completely safe and prepared for the job.

The breakthrough technology used to create the 40-cal/cm2 UltraLite joins two different materials to produce highly protective garments that are 37 percent lighter than typical 40-cal/cm2 garments, while maintaining premium comfort, durability and wearability. The UltraLite line of garments includes a coat/coverall, pants with a bib and a 40-cal hood. The hood now can be upgraded with an optional ventilation fan system or hood lamp. The line is available as separate garments or in kits that include garments, a suit hood, safety glasses, gloves and a basic tool kit.

All Cementex products are made in the USA to the highest standards of quality. The UltraLite Series meets current ASTM F1506 standards and ASTM F1959/F1959M-99.


BIG GRIP Outrigger Pads

Bigfoot Big Grip Pad JoomlaThe BIG GRIP outrigger pad from Bigfoot Construction Equipment has multiple uses. If used facedown, the teeth installed bite into the surface area of contact, reducing slipping and providing a great option for work in ice, mud, snow and similar environmental conditions.

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Hydraulic Battery Tool Line Expansion

Greenlee Cable Cutter JoomlaGreenlee and Sherman + Reilly, Textron Inc. companies, are expanding their line of battery-powered hydraulic tools to include a 2-inch inline cable cutter and all-new cutting jaws for the 6-ton battery tool product line. The new tools have hardened blades to produce clean, uniform cuts, and they feature an ergonomic design, making them lightweight to reduce potential job site injuries.

The Greenlee (ESC50LX) and Sherman + Reilly (SRS197X) inline 2-inch cable cutters include a tacky grip handle for easy, comfortable handling and control. The tools are powered by the 18V Lithium-Ion Makita battery platform for a faster charge time and more cycles per charge.

The new inline cutters cut up to 2-inch-diameter copper and aluminum standard and fine-stranded cable. A single trigger controls all tool functions. The tool's inline design and 350-degree rotating head allow for easy, comfortable cutting at any angle. Longer tool reach affords accessibility and reduced operator fatigue. A double-click safety option prevents unintentionally engaging cutting blades, and the tool automatically retracts when the cutting cycle is complete. An OLED display shows real-time communication and tool maintenance status.

The new cutting jaws for the EK425, EK628 and SRK6X tools (CJ-ACSR1/CJ-CUAL) are interchangeable, reducing the number of tools needed for a job. A patented locking pin allows for easy jaw installation and removal, and a 350-degree rotating head allows the tool to be held comfortably from any angle. The CJ-ACSR has a capacity to cut up to 477-kcmil Pelican ACSR, 5/16-inch guy strand (EHS) and 3/8-inch guy strand (HS). The CJ-CUAL has a capacity to cut up to 600-kcmil copper/aluminum.

Sherman + Reilly

OneFlip Pocket Knives

MADI OneFlip Knife JoomlaWhen a lineman cuts himself with a knife, not only does it harm the lineman personally and professionally -- the injury also can affect the company's insurance costs and productivity rates. For the past five years, MADI has made significant progress in the development of a blade that will minimize, if not eliminate, accidental cuts. The evolution of this safety innovation came about from talking with linemen, line supervisors, management, safety directors and engineers. The progression went from a blunted point, to a different cutout blade design, to a recessed cutout, to a modified recessed cutout, to even a spring-activated pocket knife that can be opened and closed with one hand while wearing gloves. Not being satisfied, we kept researching how to maintain safety while at the same time making a knife more appealing to linemen. We listened, learned and refined our best features to create our newest platform, the MADI OneFlip Pocket Knife Range.

Features and benefits of OneFlip knives include highest-grade stainless steel for maximum durability and sharpness; pointed tip, blunted tip and safety blade options; blade locks open and closed; push to open and close -- enables quick, one-handed opening and closing with work gloves on; and reversible belt clip.


Self-Rescue Kit

TSL Self Rescue Kit JoomlaThe SRK-11 self-rescue kit from Tech Safety Lines has been field tested for over a decade and can be used for the self-rescue of any worker at height, regardless of industry. The kit enables the user to perform an emergency egress/escape if trapped in a bucket or aerial lift. When the kit is used in conjunction with Tech Safety Lines' StepWise Fall Arrest Lanyard, the user is able to perform a true self-rescue. Watch our video at

The SRK-11 utilizes high-heat aramid-fiber rope with a tensile strength exceeding 6,700 pounds. Other features include rope with an extensive chemical resistance from low pH to high pH; rope shelf life of 10 years; the Descender (MCDII) has a dual braking system that consists of both an active brake and a passive brake; the SRK-11 is certified for up to 180 meters, or 600 feet; SRK bags have a no-drop loop stitched inside, which ensures no drop of the descent device during kit access; and the SRK bag is fabricated from a cut-resistant ballistic fabric.

The SRK-11 is third-party certified by UL as meeting ANSI Z359.4-2013. We also offer the SRK-15, which is third-party certified by TÜV SÜD as being CE compliant for EN341: 2011/2D.

Tech Safety Lines

Rollup Traffic Safety Signs

Traffic Rollup Signs JoomlaTraffic Cones For Less, a one-stop shop for road safety needs, has introduced a new line of rollup signs.

Ideal to notify individuals of significant roadwork and other situations where traffic safety is a concern, these temporary warning signs are used by departments of transportation, power utilities, road contractors, underground utility contractors and more.

All rollup signs are available in industry standard 36-inch and 48-inch sizes. Rollup sign sheeting material is available in four options: nonreflective vinyl, standard mesh, reflective vinyl and ORAFOL Reflexite Marathon.

Nonreflective vinyl is solely for use in daytime applications. It's made with fluorescent orange UV-stabilized vinyl.

Standard mesh is the most economical option. It is nonreflective, flexible, breathable and mildew resistant. Standard mesh is intended for daytime use only.

Reflective vinyl is constructed from retroreflective fiber-reinforced nylon fabric that is ideal for low-light applications.

ORAFOL Reflexite Marathon is constructed from fluorescent prismatic reflective sheeting that offers outstanding visibility during daytime and nighttime. It contains higher levels of photometric performance, ensuring superior reflectivity at night and in low-light conditions.

Traffic Cones For Less specializes in MUTCD-compliant rollup signs available in all legends and overlay options. We also are a full-service custom silk-screening facility; custom legends are available at no additional charge and with no minimum order requirement.

Traffic Cones For Less

Rubber Blanket Clamp Pin

Rauckman Clamp Pin JoomlaRauckman Utility Products has introduced a new Rubber Blanket Clamp Pin. These clamp pins use newly developed material and patent-pending design features to provide durability, functionality and economy.

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Wireless Temperature Probe

Hastings Temperature Probe JoomlaHastings, a manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, recently introduced a wireless temperature probe to its product offerings. The probe can be used to measure the physical temperature of any energized or de-energized hardware or object, including transformers, conductors and connectors.

Intended primarily for use with Hastings' Tel-O-Pole Series products, the unit can transmit and receive measurements from distances of up to 100 feet. Measurements are taken through direct contact with the end of the fiberglass probe. This direct contact feature eliminates the emissivity effect and produces more accurate readouts than noncontact sensors or thermal-lensed cameras.

A spring-loaded guide plate on the probe helps position the device and offers retracting, allowing for use on any size round or flat objects. An included LCD receiver reads real-time temperatures and allows for temporary memory storage for up to three separate readings.


Lift-Front Arc Flash Hoods

NSA Arc Flash Hoods JoomlaU.S. manufacturer National Safety Apparel has released ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods featuring the latest arc flash industry innovations in one superior product.

The lift-front arc flash face shields were designed to solve the common problems of poor ventilation and overheating that often came with traditional hood designs. The lift-front design allows the wearer to easily obtain fresh air when out of the hazard risk zone by simply lifting a latch. The easy-to-raise window provides fresh air without having to remove the entire hood. Before returning to the hazard risk zone, the wearer can quickly regain compliance by securing the shield back to the lowered and locked position. The latch makes an audible click to alert the wearer that the shield is safely secured.

When the shield is down and the wearer is at work, the lift-front hood features specially designed indirect vents. With built-in vents at the front, sides and top, ArcGuard Lift Front Arc Flash Hoods deliver more ventilation than similar products on the market. These vents also serve as auditory ports for improved two-way communication, even when the window is secured.

The lift-front design is currently available in two 40-cal options. ArcGuard Compliance, made with Westex UltraSoft, is a perfect upgrade to your classic arc flash suit. For a premium solution, the ArcGuard RevoLite is made from lightweight, inherently flame-resistant material that is 50 percent lighter than traditional 40-cal options.

National Safety Apparel

FR Pullover Sweatshirt

DragonWear Hoodie JoomlaComing in early 2018, DragonWear will introduce its formidable Elements Cyclone Pull-Over Hoodie in two colors for the utilities, industrial safety and petrochemical markets. Constructed from DragonWear Inherent Tri-Blend Elements FR Fabric, a wind-repelling outer surface and durable water-resistant finish guard against fierce weather. Developed to provide superior comfort and freedom of movement in nonstop work environments, this four-way-stretch hoodie with stylish contrast stitching and a modern fit is an ideal mid-layer or outerwear garment for the demands of any season. Functionality and useful design stay at the top of the list with a three-panel, hard-hat-friendly hood design that can be adjusted to ensure unobstructed peripheral vision; a hidden cellphone pocket inside the front kangaroo pocket; and extra-long sleeves with knit cuffs that prevent wind gusts up the arm. This powerhouse hoodie levels up with advanced air permeability technology for a true comfort experience in the windiest of environments. The Elements Cyclone gives two times greater wind protection than other fleece-style garments with a cfm air permeability specification of 60 cfm, allowing the wearer to be exposed to high winds all while staying warm and comfortable. The hoodie is offered in navy and gray. CAT 3, arc rating 28 cal/cm2, NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112.


Arc-Rated Anti-Vibration Glove

Youngstown Knuckle Buster JoomlaYoungstown Glove has introduced the world's first arc-rated anti-vibration and impact protective work glove. We took our top-selling Ground Glove design and added FR gel to both the palm and top of hand. The palm-side gel reduces vibration caused by impact tools, while the top-of-hand gel dampens against unexpected impacts. The glove is made of a double-layered goatskin and sewn into an ergonomic, 3-D pattern for superior grip, comfort and dexterity. This glove will not drip, melt or ignite if exposed to sparks or flames. It is arc rated to 23 cal/cm². MSRP $49; size range S-2XL; part number 11-3210-10.

Youngstown Glove


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