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High-Voltage Training

Timpson High Voltage Training JoomlaRisk reduction starts with effective training. Two of the three founders of Timpson Electrical & Aerial Services LLC are journeymen linemen and training specialists who have found that injury/fatality rates can be reduced when trainees experience the risks associated with high-voltage work firsthand. The Timpson High Voltage Training Unit provides a way to allow real energized high voltages to be applied to aerial and underground primaries at a non-lethal current level in your training yard.

The unit is designed to energize your yard to full voltage; automatically de-energize when tripped by a trainee; de-energize in fewer than 60ms with a current threshold of 1.5mA; sound an audible horn; and measure current changes down to 60 microamps.

The accompanying HMI display can monitor opening times and trip currents, record the number of shorts and keep historical track of test records. Subsequent data analysis can help you determine where you should focus to improve the overall effectiveness of your training program. This allows you to get hands-on training, with trainees experiencing the danger and stress of high-voltage work with no actual physical risk, while the trainers monitor everyone objectively. The unit is capable of energizing transformers, transformer banks and other yard equipment, so you can have multiple people training at the same time on different tasks, increasing efficiency and thoroughness of the training yard.

Timpson Electrical & Aerial Services LLC

Slide Stop Accessory

Hastings Slide Stop JoomlaHastings, a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, understands that every day has the potential to bring the unexpected to lineworkers. That is why we strive to make lineworkers’ jobs safer as well as more efficient. The introduction of Hastings’ Tel-O-Pole Slide Stop is no exception.

Designed for use with Hastings’ Tel-O-Pole products, the Slide Stop prevents hot-stick sections from extending while in storage or transit. The outer band construction provides surface protection and grip to help prevent rolling and sliding when not in use. Made of a strong and durable synthetic rubber known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EPDM, these accessories weigh less than 1 ounce each.

Lightweight and stretchable, the Slide Stop provides additional safety and convenience to Hastings’ Tel-O-Pole product series.


Lightweight Arc Flash Protection

National Safety Apparel JoomlaNational Safety Apparel offers the Arcguard TECGEN CC 55 Cal Arc Flash Kit for the ultimate in protection and comfort. Constructed of lightweight 7.5-ounce TECGEN CC inherently FR fabric with a 7-ounce quilted Nomex lining, this arc flash kit is 30 percent lighter than traditional arc suits – providing a high level of protection without the added weight. It also offers superior moisture-wicking for a dry, comfortable fit. The arc hood features a removable, replaceable anti-fog and anti-abrasion-coated face shield that is highly transparent for better color recognition and improved visibility. This 55 Cal Arc Flash Kit includes a short coat, bib overalls and arc flash hood, along with rubber voltage gloves and 10-inch leather protectors. A separate glove bag, hood bag and large deluxe gear bag ensure that the necessary protection is all in one place.

National Safety Apparel

Personal Air-Conditioning Vests

Vortec Air Conditioning Vests JoomlaHeat stress, though often considered during the summer months, is problematic in some industries – including electric utilities – throughout the year. Vortec Personal Air Conditioning Vests (PACs) circulate cool air to minimize temperature-related stress and fatigue, thus improving comfort and productivity.

Vortec PACs use a vortex tube to reduce the temperature of the air circulating through their vests, which diffuses the airflow around the worker’s torso. The circulating air is up to 60 degrees cooler than ambient, keeping workers comfortable even in oppressive environments. Durable, plasticized vests are available in three sizes and provide continuous cooled or warmed air through the perforated lining. They do not restrict movement or absorb sweat or other contaminants, and they can be worn under other protective clothing. Dual-action PACs can easily switch from cold to hot to provide comfort in all seasons.


Load Pickup/Break Switch Products

Hastings Switch Products JoomlaHastings, a worldwide manufacturer of hot-line tools and equipment, recently introduced load pickup/break switch products in single- and three-phase versions to its diverse catalog. The break switches allow a lineworker to install a temporary switch anywhere on their system.

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Padmount Transformer Sac

Andax Transformer Sac JoomlaDesigned specifically to fit padmount transformers, the Andax Pad Mount Transformer Sac is a complete containment and spill control solution. Once opened, it lies flat, ready for installation. Just lift the transformer inches off the ground and slip the Transformer Sac up and around it.

Other product features include: contains all leaks and reduces cleanup time for equipment and on-site; no more bulky trays or tubs; avoid PCB exposure; compact storage size; and customizable to your exact specs.

Also, be sure to ask about Andax’s Pole Mount Transformer Sacs.


Base Layer Series for Men and Women

DragonWear DriPro Shirt Joomla

Available this month, DragonWear introduces Dri Pro, our new base layer series for men and women. Our short-sleeved shirts are CAT 1 and meet relevant industry certifications for the utility and industrial safety markets. Made in the USA with new DragonWear Inherent Tri-Blend FR Fabric that was originally developed and tested by the U.S. military, this shirt offers unmatched comfort and superior, always-permanent moisture management. Increased fabric strength and proven wash-and-wear performance provide long-lasting durability, while True-Flat high-density seams, tagless garment labels and improved stretch give the wearer a true comfort experience all day long. Odor-resistant, anti-microbial fabric that is highly breathable and fast-drying makes this shirt a must-have for any environment. Offered in navy and tan. Shirts are available in both men and women’s fits (navy only). CAT 1, arc rating 5.5 cal/cm2, NFPA 70E.


New Face Shield Technology

Honeywell PrismShield JoomlaHoneywell has announced an innovative new face shield technology with more optical clarity to better protect electrical workers from potentially deadly electrocution and arc flash.

Salisbury by Honeywell’s new PrismShield arc flash protective face shield incorporates proprietary nanotechnology that allows a wider spectrum of light to enter the lens of the face shield. This greatly improves color recognition and color sharpness for electrical workers and reduces the need to lift the shield to see wires more clearly, particularly in dim light.

PrismShield makes use of a bronze lens tint, which improves color recognition for the electrical worker in poorly lit areas, particularly indoors. A premium anti-scratch, anti-fog lens coating also enhances visibility for the worker over the life of the product.

In addition, Honeywell has developed an exclusive weight-balancing frame for the face shield that reduces the likelihood of the shield moving or tipping, which reduces neck strain and increases comfort.

The PrismShield technology meets ASTM F2178 and ANSI Z87.1 standards and will be available on all Salisbury by Honeywell 12- and 20-cal face shields for all switch hoods and in both 20- and 40-cal versions of the lift front hood models.

Salisbury by Honeywell

Climbing Helmets

MSA Climbing Helmets JoomlaMSA is excited to offer the new line of Nexus Climbing Helmets in partnership with Centurion Safety Products. Nexus Climbing Helmets provide users with Type I impact protection in a low-profile, modern design that includes a replaceable four-point adjustable chinstrap.

Two models are available – Heightmaster and Linesman – which include a Dry-Tech sweatband for increased user comfort and retro-reflective striping for increased visibility in low-light applications. The Heightmaster model is suitable for use primarily in work-at-height applications for workers in industries such as utilities, oil, gas and petrochemical, and meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 as well as EN 12492 standards. The Linesman model is recommended for confined space entry and rescue applications.


FR Rain Glove

Youngstown Rain Glove JoomlaYoungstown Glove is proud to announce the launch of the FR Rain Glove with Outdry. This unique work glove is designed specifically for work in heavy rain. 

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DragonWear and Polartec FR Partnership

DragonWear FR Clothing JoomlaDragonWear is a manufacturer of innovative, performance-based FR and arc-rated clothing for the utilities, industrial safety and petrochemical industries. All DragonWear fabrics are inherently flame-resistant and proudly made in the USA. We strive to give our customers the pinnacle in performance, comfort and protection by developing new fabric technologies and advanced product designs. The products we create are the result of extensive conversations with customers and field experts to ensure solutions and innovations in the gear our customers depend on in the field.

Certain DragonWear garments are made utilizing Polartec FR fabrics, a unique blend of jersey/mesh fibers that creates permanent flame resistance. Their FR properties are inherent, not chemically treated, and will never wear out or melt on skin when exposed to extreme heat or flame. The entire Polartec FR fabric line meets and exceeds NFPA 70E. DragonWear has been partnering with Polartec on innovative fabric options for nearly a decade, and the durability and protection our garments provide are proof of this successful partnership.


360-Degree Personal Lighting

Illumagear Personal Lighting JoomlaThe Halo is 360-degree personal lighting that attaches to any standard hard hat and produces a ring of light around the wearer, enabling him or her to see and be seen. It is visible over a quarter-mile away in all directions and floods the wearer’s task area with light for improved work efficiency.

The Halo provides up to 202 lumens of power and has four light modes: Halo (full brightness in 360 degrees); HI-Alert (rotating/pulsing light); Task (200 percent power to the front third of the Halo); and Dim (low-power 360-degree illumination). A single button at the front of the Halo controls the light modes and turns the Halo on/off. The Halo was built tough to survive in rough construction environments and has an IP rating of 67 to protect against dust, dirt and water. It is powered by a single, rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery that provides 5.5 to 34 hours of runtime (mode dependent) and is easily swapped out.


FR-Rated Adjustable Sleeve Straps

Hi Line Sleeve Straps JoomlaHi-Line is proud to present QuickEeze FR-Rated Adjustable Sleeve Straps. These popular sleeve straps were designed by linemen Cody Hopkins and Dylan Morrill for lineworkers. They are made of high-quality, FR-rated, self-extinguishing materials. In addition, the straps are easily adjustable, and their flexible design allows for comfort all day. A unique oval button design allows for quick and easy attachment with no extra hassles in attaching and detaching. The straps are field-tested for durability and longevity, and they’re made in the USA.


Online Hearing Conservation Center

3M Hearing Conservation Center JoomlaOperating a successful workplace hearing conservation program is just one of many challenging tasks health and safety managers face. Each day, they must enforce all applicable rules and regulations while providing the right equipment, training and support for their noise-exposed workforce. To help make this task easier, 3M Personal Safety Division has launched a new online resource, the 3M Center for Hearing Conservation. Safety managers can find articles and details about the seven elements of a hearing loss prevention program, as well as helpful videos, toolkits, fast facts and more.

Created by 3M audiologists and occupational health and safety specialists, the 3M Center for Hearing Conservation can help companies as they work to ensure that legal requirements are met and that workers remain engaged and motivated.



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