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Charles Keeling, CUSP

Charles Keeling, CUSP

Skid steer Keeling article

Skid-Steer Loaders: Hazard Awareness and Recommended Safety Practices

In 2009, OSHA published a safety and health information bulletin in part because of the seriousness of injuries that have occurred with skid-steer loaders (see Similarly, NIOSH published an alert in December 2010 in response to the hazards and serious injuries that have occurred with these machines (see In their published documents, the […]

Incidents Require an Immediate Response

Incidents on job sites can cause pain and mental anguish, disrupt project timelines, escalate costs and have lasting repercussions on an employer’s safety performance record. When an incident occurs, company management and safety professionals must respond in a timely manner. Typically, the first responsive action is obtaining detailed information about the incident as quickly as […]
Keeling Dec 2023

The Health and Safety Plan: A Project Management Tool

A health and safety plan, or HASP, can be a valuable project management tool. It is a working document intended to help prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths, as well as equipment and facility damage, by detailing the tasks involved in a project, identifying the project’s specific hazards and describing all mitigation procedures to be […]

Working Safely from Elevated Heights

Each year, OSHA reveals which of its regulations are most violated by employers across the U.S., based on the number of citations given. Violations of fall protection regulations are routinely in the top 10. Given that this is a widespread issue, I’m going to use this month’s Tailgate Topic to provide a brief overview of […]

Powered Industrial Truck Safety

In the utility industry, we use various types of powered industrial trucks – also referred to as PITs and forklifts – to perform various applications. This equipment is used in material handling in warehouse operations as well as in field construction and maintenance operations. Safe operation of a PIT is critical to avoid injury, death, […]