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Chip Darius, CUSP, OHST, CET, CSHO

Chip Darius, CUSP, OHST, CET, CSHO


Investigating and Documenting Slips, Trips and Falls

People are affected by gravity at every moment of their existence. There is an ongoing struggle between this planet, which never stops trying to pull things to its center, and humans who are trying not to be overcome by the pull. In the battle against gravity, humans rely on balance, coordination, traction and decision-making. In […]

Controlling Struck-By Hazards in Utility Work Zones

Struck-by hazards are one of the greatest threats to workers employed in the utility and construction industries, and thus are hazards every utility and construction company should be focused on mitigating. Typical examples of struck-by hazards include traffic passing through a work zone; vehicle and equipment movement within a work zone or construction area; rotating […]