Author: Alden B. Davis


I’ve Got Your Back: Lessons in Socio-Biomimicry

Creating a safety mindset and a culture of caring can be facilitated using the process of socio-biomimicry. Simply put, biomimicry is a way to solve engineering and other problems by looking to nature. The term was popularized in 1997 by Janine M. Benyus in her book, “Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature.” Nature can also be used to inspire a fresh look at social systems and how other life groups manage safety. I developed the Safe-ari process of socio-biomimicry to solve a client’s problem of fading situational awareness. Fourteen learning points on situational awareness were distilled...

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Utility Manhole Safety Cover

Holehat – which was recently voted New Product of the Year by the American Public Works Association – is a utility manhole safety cover providing structural fall protection and mist suppression. When a utility line is accessed via an open manhole, a fall hazard is created; Holehat will eliminate this hazard, keeping field personnel and pedestrians safe. Holehat provides a raised visual deterrent/warning and structural fall protection for utility manholes. The retractable manhole safety cover is lightweight, portable and simple to use. Aluminum construction gives the unit high strength, while...

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