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Andax Containment Bag WEB2

Transformer Containment Bag

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Andax Containment Bag WEB2Andax Industries recently announced that its Transformer Containment Bag is the winner of the 2019 “Plant Engineering” product of the year award in the safety category.

The Transformer Containment Bag safely contains leaking transformers and ensures 100% OSHA-compliant lifting, allowing complete access to the transformer manufacturer’s lifting lugs while lifting, moving and storing transformers.

The Transformer Containment Bag’s ease of use provides line crews with access to the transformer while contained, so crew members can perform maintenance such as removing oil, performing testing procedures and documentation. The transformer can then be encapsulated for storage by lifting the attached, clear, flexible duffle up over the transformer. Once secured, a 100% weatherproof outdoor storage containment solution is created.

Should the transformer need to be moved or sorted while being stored, line crews have complete access to the manufacturer’s lifting lugs through the integrated lower access ports. The Transformer Containment Bag is the safest way to lift, move and store transformers, according to Andax. The bag ensures line crews can safely and confidently move a balanced, secure load in 100% compliance with OSHA regulations.

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