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SILEX+ Eyewear

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

As eye safety in the workplace becomes an increasingly important issue, SILEX+ has become one of Bollé Safety’s top sellers. Partnering with Source America has made it possible for the eyewear giant to assemble the SILEX+ line in the USA for the first time ever.

The SILEX+ premium model guarantees its users comfort thanks to its bi-material FLEX 160° PC/TPR temples, which adapt perfectly to most head sizes and ensure a pressure-free fit. It also allows for advanced protection from flying particles, dust and dirt, and an optional retainer strap is available as well. 

Coated with its exclusive PLATINUM coating on both sides of the lens, SILEX+ ensures optimum vision protected from fogging and scratches, even in extreme environments.

Three different lens types are available: clear for indoors, smoke for outdoors and comfort sensitivity perception. SILEX+ models also meet required company needs for eye protection at work under various lighting conditions: indoors, outdoors, or with alternate exposure to bright and low light.