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Safety Gloves

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Stauffer Glove and Safety is proud to announce the launch of their new series of high-quality Trackman safety gloves, the ultimate safety gloves for utility workers, featuring ANSI Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 4 and Arc Flash 4 ratings.

Stauffer Trackman series gloves offer the high level of safety for which the Stauffer name is known, paired with the highest-quality materials, like aramid blend full lining and Kevlar stitching and premium-grain cowhide or goatskin leather. The goatskin option is perfect for workers who prefer a more flexible and comfortable glove for long periods of low-impact work with non-abrasive materials, while the cowhide offers remarkable durability for heavy-duty tasks that require the rugged strength of a longer-lasting material.