Grounding Grates

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SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grates from YAK MAT are lab-tested industrial grounding grates that create an adequately bonded and grounded equipotential zone, protecting teams from hazardous step potential and Grade 5 fault currents.

The SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grate is a one-piece galvanized steel ground mat, positioned on the ground and then bonded together with 4/0 copper cables and two-hole lug connectors. The grates feature additional lug areas for securing grounding cables between stringing equipment and grates. This setup creates a safe equipotential zone for puller/tensioner sites and portable substations to ensure your crew is protected.

At YAK ACCESS, we believe that safety matters, which is why we’ve also created the SAFESTEP EPZ Solutions Package for complete insight on how you can protect your team with EPZ grounding grates. Get your copy of the SAFESTEP EPZ Solutions Package – which includes an EPZ Safety Checklist, EPZ Lab Testing Report and Worker Protection Video – on our website. https://yakmat.com

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