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Magnetic Sling Protectors

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image DICA Sling Protectors WEBDICA has announced a brand name change of its acquired Linton Rigging Gear line of products to “LiftGuard Magnetic Sling Protectors.” LiftGuard joined the DICA family of engineered products following the company’s acquisition of Linton Rigging Gear earlier this year.

LiftGuard Sling Protectors prevent damage to slings caused by contact with abrasive edges, corners or protrusions from loads being lifted. They also keep the sling away from other significant contact points during lifting operations. Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Coil Edge Protectors have magnets installed to make the placement of these edge protectors simple, safe and efficient. As a bonus, LiftGuard protectors weigh one-seventh the weight of steel. They are available with optional Velcro straps to ensure proper sling placement, allowing the protectors to stay attached to the slings when removing them from loads placed at higher elevations.

When using synthetic web slings, the capacity of Medium and Heavy Duty LiftGuard Edge Protectors is calculated at 12,500 psi/1 inch of sling width per protector. When using synthetic round slings, wire rope slings or chain slings, LiftGuard product capacities are 12,500 psi of compressive strength per protector.

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