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Dave Sowers

Dave Sowers

Dave Sowers is the director of performance improvement at Knowledge Vine LLC (, a human performance training and consulting organization. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear power program. Sowers has more than 25 years of industrial experience gained through his work in the military, semiconductor manufacturing, commercial nuclear power and hydro-electric generation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in resources management and a master’s degree in both management and emergency management and homeland security.

Recognizing Summit Fever in the Utility Industry

| Dave Sowers
“Summit fever” is a mountaineering term that describes the drive or compulsion of a climber to reach the summit of a mountain no matter what the cost. The climber has invested time, energy and resources into their goal, and by the time they have the summit of the mountain in their sight, they are so […]

Don’t Leave Employees to Fill in the Blanks

Early in my marriage, my wife asked me to pick up some groceries on my way home. This task seemed easy enough; after all, I had been feeding myself for years. How hard could it be? We needed food and the grocery store had food for sale. The path to success appeared to be pretty […]