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Anti-Fog Lens Coatings

 |  Kate Wade  |  ,

Before a U.S. anti-fog standard existed, Brass Knuckle decided it was important to measure its eye protection products by a standard. The company began with EN 166/168, the European standard and the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world at the time. Then Brass Knuckle voluntarily went beyond it.

Brass Knuckle BK-Anti-FOG is the company’s original proprietary anti-fog coating that offers excellent performance and a long-lasting, fog-free view under even the most demanding hot and humid conditions. Washable and durable, BK-Anti-FOG formulas allow lenses to resist fog longer than competitors’ anti-fog treatments, and that extra time is what is needed for lenses to come into balance with temperature fluctuations, the principal cause of lens fogging.

Brass Knuckle BK-Anti-FOG+ is the company’s proprietary premium anti-fog coating that delivers anti-fog protection that exceeds the EN standard by 4,400% — or 44 times the best standard in the world. Where competitive anti-fog coatings protect against fogging for two minutes, best-in-class BK-Anti-FOG+ protection lasts more than six minutes when tested under the EN standard.

BK-Anti-FOG and BK-Anti-FOG+ are available on a wide variety of Brass Knuckle protective eyewear, serving various fits and functions.